The one about the M&M’s……………

Daughter E had just a little string of bad luck while we were on our trip to Vegas and she’s a “poor starving college grad student”! Her hair dryer broke, security confiscated her brand new 4 oz. bottle of moisturizer at the first airport….apparently she hasn’t flown since last summer and I didn’t tell her about the liquid thing thinking she already knew. She couldn’t afford to replace it so SK was kind enough to buy her some and bring it in her checked suitcase. One day her Clinique pressed powder broke, she couldn’t afford to buy more and then discovered that it was actually Kathryn’s powder so now I feel like I need to replace Kat’s! Her flat iron broke and she couldn’t get the bank to take care of a deposit that she was needing. By then she knew she wouldn’t be able to buy much on the trip but she had wanted to go to M&M’s World to get a specialty bag of candy. They have this huge wall of m&m’s, all in big clear containers; you get a bag and fill it up with whatever you want! It is a bit costly but loads of fun. Oooh check out this pic

Plain, peanut, every color you can think of……we both had fun filling a bag and I think the raspberry ones were my favorite, they actually tasted like raspberries. These stores might be the only place you can get the specialty ones. She worried that day whether to get them right then because we’d be out walking around some going to an exhibit but Kat thought they wouldn’t melt and they didn’t. Shanna bought her kids some cute things at the store too. Here’s a little blurb about M&M’s World at Wikipedia……cool place but we didn’t get our free treat at the end of the 3-d movie!
The m&m’s were the only thing that Liz wanted to buy………..

She was going to share them with her boyfriend the following weekend when they got to visit each other. The m&m’s survived the Vegas heat, the plane trip, and even back home respectively with her and me. What she didn’t know though was that while she was gone her roommate discovered ants in the house. After E got home from the airport she went straight to bed only to wake up the next morning to discover ants all in her one and only bag of m&m’s! She had to throw them away! I felt really bad for her, thought I might could find more to ship to her until I discovered it was like a $50 minimum order……I guess I didn’t feel that bad. I rode to TN last week with hubby to work and we drove through Tuscaloosa on the way so we called E to see if she wanted to have dinner with us somewhere. On her way to meet us her car started having problems so we helped her arrange for it to go to the shop the next day.
I took my bag of m&m’s with me………

aren’t they so pretty!
I left them in the car while we ate at Applebee’s and yikes, they will start melting in this southern heat if you leave them in a closed vehicle too long. I put them in the cooler and they were ok. I also took along a ziplock bag and poured half of my bag into it for E……I hated that she’d had to throw hers out and wanted her to have something! Who knew that getting a bag of specialty m&m’s would prove to be so difficult!

(I hope y’all got to eat them Liz)

18 Responses to ““Cover it in Chocolate and a miracle or two…””

  1. Robin Says:

    Mmmmm… they look so yummy! Sounds like so much fun!

  2. Becky Says:

    An M&M Smorgasbord. Can life GET any better than that?! Heck with make up and lotions … I’ll spend my money right here…

    Anyone care to join me??

  3. jen Says:

    That looks like a dream world how yummy…..I would have been there allllll day!

  4. Stacy Says:

    The moisturizer, flat iron, powder is all bad, but losing chocolate is a true and utter nightmare. 🙁

  5. Gail Says:

    Exactly Stacy!

  6. Stacy (the other one) Says:

    What more? Let me know. Jeff’s out there all the time and I can rope him in to picking some up. What else is he going to do for 24+ hours??

  7. amy Says:

    wow! THat is a string of bad luck..Hope things are better..

    Check out those colors!

  8. Barb @ A Chelsea Morning Says:

    What a run of bad luck! I’m not a chocolate lover but even I feel bad hers melted. Poor thing. What a cool M&M store! I buy them just because they look so pretty. And believe me, around me, they’d last forever. LOL

  9. Lauren@Baseballs&Bows Says:

    That is bad travel luck! I am sure your efforts to replace the M&Ms were greatly appreciated!

  10. kelli Says:

    Sounds like a fun place to go…but I feel so bad for her with everything that happened. 🙂 Hope you are surviving in this southern heat. On some days I don’t even take my kids out for recess! Take care!!!

  11. Sonya Says:

    Wow! And E is still sane? I would have cried like a baby at my moisturizer being taken away! You’re so sweet to give her half your candies!

  12. kreed Says:

    Goodness…when ut rains, it pours! And always when funds are low!

  13. Debi Says:

    Oh, the poor sweet thing! Just one of those “if it weren’t for bad luck…” times for poor E, huh? But you’re such a generous mommy for sharing yours! Oh, the sacrifices we mommies make for our kiddos!

  14. Carrie Says:

    Awww, she seems to have my kinda luck! That was sweet of you to share.

  15. Tammy Says:

    I feel so sorry for her! Poor thing…hopefully she still had some fun on that trip! And to think those ants were the ones who got to dine on those precious MnMs…at least you were nice enough to share yours!

  16. Eden Says:


  17. Susanne Says:

    Darn ants. They do look yummy in the pic though and now I’m craving M&M’s.

  18. Coach J Says:

    poor thing! don’t ya just hate it when everything goes wrong! I sure hope she’s on the up and up….and it was nice of you to share your m&ms with her; after all, she “gave” you her coffee table 😉

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