Everybody’s Fine (netflix)
Running the Sahara (netflix)
Hachi: A Dog’s Tale (netflix)
Knight and Day (netflix…..hilarious and fun!)
Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story (netflix)
Secretariat (netflix……didn’t know the story behind the horse, interesting)
The Shop Around the Corner (dvr….the original You’ve Got Mail and Jimmy Stewart to boot!)


The Last Time I Saw Paris (netflix)
The A Team (netflix)
Toy Story (dvr…….had forgotten how good this was!)
Toy Story 2 (dvr…part of it reminds me a little of The Velveteen Rabbit story)
Toy Story 3 (dvr…..SO good!)
Four Christmases (netflix…..eh, so so I think)
Faith Like Potatoes (netflix…true story, pretty good movie but maybe a bit slow at times)
A Valentine’s Date (dvr from Hallmark channel, typical for that station but I like them!)
You Again (Stacy & Tim’s netflix movie…cute, fun Disney movie!)
With Six You Get Eggroll (dvr…older, kinda cute Doris Day movie)
Inception (netflix..hard to wrap my head around but pretty good movie)


Leap Year (netflix)
Song of the Thin Man (netflix)
The Secret Life of Bees (netflix)
The Karate Kid (netflix, streaming)
Always and Forever (hallmark movie, dvr for Gail)
The Social Network (netflix…interesting, pretty good!)
Like Dandelion Dust (netflix)
Salt (netflix, borrowed from friends!)
The Way Home (netflix)


Life As We Know It (netflix)
Morning Glory (netflix)
Human Target, Season 1 (netflix…good tv show!)
The Lost and Found Family (netflix)


The Next Three Days (netflix….pretty good movie!)
Because of Winn-Dixie (netflix)
Living Proof (netflix; true story of dr who fought for FDA approval of cancer drug herceptin)
The Widow’s Might (netflix….eh, with so-so acting but christian values)
Miracle on the 17th Green (netflix; late 90’s made for tv movie)
The King’s Speech (with friends on dvd; good movie, interesting history)

Valentine’s Day (netflix, Gail)
Kate and Leopold (dvr, Gail)
The Tourist (netflix…the 1st time I’ve EVER figured out plot a/b 5-10 minutes in! yay me)
Inside Job (netflix…about the financial crisis/collapse of 2008)
The Best Years of Our Lives (dvr, old movie, Gail)

True Grit (netflix, pretty good movie! We enjoyed it)
The Adjustment Bureau (on demand tv…different!)
Food, Inc. (netflix streaming… Interesting info. Sad state for food in US!)
Unstoppable (netflix…intense movie!)
The Lincoln Lawyer (netflix)
In Her Shoes (tv/dvr)
Amish Grace (netflix)
The Green Hornet (netflix)


The Help (theater, twice…good movie!)
Believe in Me (netflix…realized we’d seen it before, frustrating!)
The Fighter (netflix streaming)
127 Hours (netflix..hard to watch, b/c of choices he made to get in that situation)
Soul Surfer (netflix….good movie!)


Gran Torino (dvr)
Rise of the Planet of the Apes (theater with Tim, Stacy & Liz!)
Robin Hood (netflix)
Rango (netflix….a little odd & I think not for kids!)


Of Gods and Men (netflix…based on true story but not familiar w/it)
Courageous (theater, excellent!)
To Save a Life (netflix…liked it)
Country Strong (netflix…gail)
The Philadelphia Story (dvr, gail….a good old movie!)
Faster (netflix….didn’t much like, only so-so)
No Greater Love (netflix, christian movie, good story!)
Little Fockers (netflix….eh)
Presumed Innocent (dvr, so-so, disappointing ending)


Source Code (netflix….pretty good movie)
The Trial (netflix)
The Grace Card (netflix…good)
The River Within (netflix)
The Christmas Card (hallmark christmas movie, Gail)
An Old Fashioned Thanksgiving (dvr, hallmark, Gail)


Smuggler’s Ransom (netflix)
Trouble Along the Way (netflix….old movie)
The Three Gifts (dvr, Gail, hallmark christmas movie)
The Most Wonderful Time of the Year (hallmark movie, Gail)
All I Want for Christmas (hallmark, dvr, Gail)
Debbie Macomber’s Trading Christmas (dvr, hallmark, Gail)
A Holiday Engagement (dvr, hallmark, Gail)
Water for Elephants (netflix, Gail)
How Do You Know (netflix)
Captain America: The First Avenger (netflix, pretty fun)
The Conspirator (netflix brought by Kathryn)
Debbie Macomber’s Trading Christmas (dvr hallmark, Gail)
A Princess for Christmas (dvr hallmark, Gail)
Christmas Magic (dvr hallmark, Gail)
An Old Fashioned Christmas (dvr hallmark, Gail)
Silver Bells (dvr hallmark, Gail)