Christmas Tree Treasures.
Morning Glory at Seeds From My Garden is hosting this today. We get to post pictures and tell a little about some of the ornaments on our tree. This sounds like fun and I’m looking forward to seeing the others.
Click below to see pictures of some of my ornaments:

This is a really old one and some of the kids won’t like me putting it up but one of my best friends made this for me when both of us had our first baby just a few weeks apart. I love babies & baby pictures!

We were given this little baby ornament when our 3rd child was born about 8 weeks before Christmas:

The little brass angel is special to me because we lost a child in the middle of our 4 and my MIL gave me this ornament so I would have something to remember the baby by…..I might be the only one that remembers this now and some ornaments I can’t recall where I got them but this one I’ll always remember & treasure.

One year my SIL sent each of the 4 kids these little teddy bear ornaments that we have loved using each year; I don’t have them all anymore because the kids are taking them as they get their own places but I still have 1 or 2 on my tree this year!

My youngest brought this one home from school one year; I don’t remember if they helped make them or if the teacher did them and gave one to each student but, this is our state!

We have quite a few different kinds of Santas on the tree but we all like this one of him sitting in a basketball hoop…….all the kids and hubby played basketball so that makes this one fun.

A carpenter/handyman guy in our Sunday School class made the cross for us one year.

My MIL began making pottery a few years ago and one year she made the whole extended family these “skier” ornaments. That year almost 30 of our family spent Christmas in Park City, Utah together.

Even though we live in the South our immediate family does try to make a ski trip each year so we got this ornament because of our love of skiing.

If you live in the Southeast or Mississippi you’ve probably heard of Gail Pittman; she makes a fun line of pottery….dishes of all sort, ornaments and other things. I’ve been trying to collect an ornament each year and I have 6-8 of them and this is one of those on my tree.

I also like to buy ornaments when we go on vacation to remember our trips. This year I bought a boot when we went to the dude ranch in Colorado….I love it! And hubby & I went to Callaway Gardens in Georgia this fall so I got the butterfly there while at the butterfly conservatory, fun place.

I also made “Santa star” ornaments this year for the tree and blogged about it here. I thought they turned out cute! (Thanks again Barb)

A gold angel is on top of my tree……..we are enjoying our tree this year! Merry Christmas everyone!

23 Responses to “Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree…..”

  1. Tammy~Kentucky Gal Says:

    I loved all of your treasures…thanks so much for sharing them with us!!

  2. lala Says:

    what a great assortment of ornaments! I loved them!

    my treasure is up too!

  3. pamela Says:

    Love all your beautiful ornaments! Love the sentiments behind them too! So sweet of you to let the kids take so many of them to share with their families. I love the skier ornaments, the Gail Pittman ornament and the lovely butterfly ornament! 🙂

  4. Morning Glory Says:

    These are so wonderful! I was especially touched by the one in remembrance of the baby you lost. That’s really sweet. Thanks so much for being part of this event today. It’s been so much fun looking at the treasures on other trees and learning why they are special.

  5. Queen Beth Says:

    I absolutely LOVE the Santa in the basketball hoop. That gave me a good chuckle!! Thanks for playing my Mom’s show and tell game! Isn’t it fun??

    Merry Christmas!

  6. Christine Says:

    What a wonderful collection of ornaments you have. My grandmother sent each one of my kids a stuffed ornament, I’ll be sure to pass them onto them as they start their own collection. I love the handmade ornament your MIL made, and the precious one she gave you in remembrance of your angel in heaven.
    Thanks for sharing your treasures with us.

  7. Nancy Carson Says:

    When you decorate your tree you are able to take a walk down memory lane… and that is a blessing indeed! Thanks for sharing.

  8. Stacy Says:

    Cute idea, wish I had seen this one. I have taken some pictures this year of some of my favorite ornaments, with the intention of blogging about them. But I haven’t gotten ’round tuit yet! 🙂 Maybe later, closer to Christmas.

    Cute ornaments!

  9. Claire Says:

    “…how lovely are thy branches.” And your branches are made lovelier by their memories! I have an ornament from every year and some of them are associated with something we did…memories!!!

  10. Gail Says:

    Claire, you always know all my songs….yay for you!
    One day though I might find one you haven’t heard yet, lol!

  11. Susanne Says:

    Those are beautiful! I love, love, love that angel tree topper. I’ve never seen another like it!

  12. Tammy Says:

    These are beautiful, Gail! That treetopper angel is gorgeous! And what a tender reminder that one angel is of your baby in heaven! I just came from Pea’s who had a similar angel. (I lost one early on, and though I was only about 10 weeks, it was still a difficult time.)

    Your tree is gorgeous…we plan on getting ours this weekend!

  13. Dawn Says:

    what a fun tour around your tree! your photos came out beautifully & i *love* the angel you use on the top! =)

  14. Dianne Says:

    You have some neat treasures. It’s too hard to get pics from my camera right now so I’m just enjoying everyone else’s! Thanks for sharing! I love the memories associated with ornaments.

  15. PEA Says:

    Hi Gail, I’m finally getting around to visiting everyone who participated in the Christmas Tree Treasures!! I so enjoyed seeing your wonderful ornaments and reading the story behind them!! As you mentioned in your comment to me, you also have a very special angel on your tree…a loving reminder of a very sad time. Hugs to you!! Merry Christmas to you and yours:-)

  16. Kelli Says:

    You have a wonderful collection!! A few years ago I wanted only snowmen ornaments. I got my wish but there were a few specials ones that couldn’t be forgotten! Great pictures too!

  17. peppylady Says:

    I’m enjoying touring Christmas Tree Treasures. I think it cool to get an ornament from every place you visit.

    I’m hoping to have mine up tomorrow

  18. dawn Says:

    I see I’m the second Dawn on the comment list. I loved seeing your ornaments and reading the stories. I finally got mine up this evening – had to do a double birthday blog on the 8th.

  19. Trudi Says:

    I really enjoyed looking at your ornaments and reading about them. They’re great!

    Your MIL sounds pretty great too. That was sweet of her to give you that ornament in memory of your baby.

    Thanks for sharing!

  20. Barb Says:

    The angel on top of your tree is beautiful, Gail. But the new baby ornament is just precious. It’s my favorite. All your ornaments are so sweet and I love the stories behind each of them.

  21. Kathleen Marie Says:

    What beautiful ornaments and wonderful memories. You have some wonderful treasures to pass on.

    Thank you for your prayers!

  22. Sue Says:

    I especially love your baby ornaments, but they’re each so special. Lovely that they all have a story!

  23. Barbara H. Says:

    What a great collection!! I love the idea of collecting ornaments from special places.

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