A few days ago I took my car to a dealership in a neighboring town to have a recall thing fixed on it….the heated windshield washer part needed replacing. Here in the deep south it’s very important to have a heated windshield washer! But I’m ready now should we need it; I also got a new inspection sticker. It was time for one but we won’t talk about whether it was past time or not. As I’ve been known to do in the past, I went to walmart afterwards. That’s only because I don’t live anywhere close to a target. While wandering down the aisles I came across a long row of tulips in pots that I suppose had been there for valentines day. They were marked down to just a couple of dollars and I briefly thought about buying one for myself. But they were just sad looking for the most part; most had flopped over, looked wilted and had lost color. It looked lonely to see long rows of them!
I’m not sure my picture shows how bad I thought they looked when I first spotted them.

Later that same afternoon my girls drove up to surprise me. It was my birthday so they came to see me and eat with us. They literally scared me to death because I thought I was alone in my room and I came out of the closet and saw something move out of the corner of my eye! It was fun to see them for a few hours and visit with them.
Look at one of the things they brought me!

I love tulips and the colors of these are so pretty! I love these way more than the sad looking ones!

6 Responses to ““Tiptoe through the tulips””

  1. Stacy Says:

    So pretty, I just love tulips! I’m so glad Kat and Liz drove up, I bet that was a wonderful birthday present 🙂

  2. Tammy Says:

    I hope you had a wonderful birthday,Gail! Tulips happen to be one of my very favorite flowers, too…and the multicolored ones you received are truly beautiful! 🙂

  3. jen Says:

    How wonderful they surprised you…great present. I love tulips. All colors.

  4. becky Says:

    All of those poor tulips without a home for the holiday. So sad. I agree.

  5. Kim Says:

    Happy Birthday Gail. What treats…both of your girls and tulips. Truly a happy day, I am sure!

  6. Claire Says:

    Happy late b-day! February birthdays are great! I just love tulips. My mom tried to get some to me on my b-day but the florist didn’t have any…SO, when I went home this weekend, I walked into my room there and there were some tulips waiting for me. They are now in my room at my apartment!!! 🙂 What a fun surprise for you to have your girls come home…I want to do that to my mom one weekend soon!

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