My blog is BACK, and so is my sis’s! Our blogs are kept on their website/server at home and the computer broke down a few weeks ago. Before that, my laptop died right around Christmas so I’ve not been around much lately. My brother in law has worked on their computers til he’s sick of it I’m sure….those kinds of problems are never fun.
I got my laptop back a few weeks ago and it was still a black screen just like when I sent it for repairs! That was mildly annoying. They had to send us a new hard drive to install ourselves after they messed up and installed a keyboard instead. So for now my laptop is working and I’m trying to get everything put back on it and get my pictures burned/saved so I don’t get in trouble again!
We’ve just been busy with everyday things…..work, watched some movies, had 2 of the grandkids over, had some get togethers with friends, reading, playing and various other appointments. Hubby has his cast off now and is starting therapy but has been told it could be 9 months or so before his bones are back to what they were before.
I’m glad to be back up and running again, thanks to Tim! I hope to get my google reader whittled down over the next couple of days and will visit as soon as I can!

11 Responses to ““Back in the high life again””

  1. Lauren@Baseballs&Bows Says:

    So glad you are back!

  2. Lynne Says:

    I’m glad you up and running! You’ve been missed!

  3. Dianne Says:

    Hey glad to see you back in business, Gail! Sounds like you have your hands full there. WIll look forward to pictures of those cute kids!!

  4. Barb @ A Chelsea Morning Says:

    I knew something was going on. At first I couldn’t open your blog at all. Then I could, but I couldn’t get a comment to stick. Glad you’re up and running again. 🙂

  5. Stacy Says:

    Well, now I’ll have that Steve Winwood song in my head, duh! 🙂 We’re still limping along, but at least most of Hambones is working and the core parts of our blog are working. Hopefully in a few more days, you can transfer pictures and images and book covers and stuff. Are you getting emails for the comments here?

    So did you have all of your pictures on the external drive? Or did you lose them all? I need to back mine up soon. I have been remiss about that, but then again, I haven’t been taking a ton of pictures either. Hope yours are all safe and sound.

    Glad Don’s wrist is healing. 9 months sounds like a long time! Does that mean no golf for that long?

  6. Robin Says:

    Hey- Welcome back! I’ve missed you and your blog!

  7. Claire Says:

    You know…my dad fractured his wrist back in January after he had to ditch his motorcycle to avoid a crash. He just had to wear a splint. However, the funny thing (well, NOW it’s funny) is that one of the other physics professors ALSO fractured HIS wrist; though, he had (and still has) it in a cast. What are you to do when 2/3 physics professors break a wrist?! Make the other one break his so he doesn’t feel left out? 😉 Glad your hubby is mending!

  8. Kara Says:

    glad you are back!

  9. Dawn Says:

    Oh man. I can only imagine how annoying it was that they didn’t fix the problem. But how on earth did they confuse a keyboard & a hard drive?? =P

  10. becky Says:

    It is good to see you back again. I have tried to visit you several times to no avail. Isn’t that frustrating?

    Have a great weekend!

  11. jen Says:

    I missed ya. Enjoy talking to you on facebook. I love everyday things…the laid back style. I’m so glad January is over.

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