I think that Lost is new tonight and all I can say is……….it better be a good one! I think I’m getting tired of just getting tidbits and nothing really substantial. I still enjoy it and really want to watch it but then I find that I’m not quite satisfied with it when it’s over. There needs to be something else happening or more info given or something. It seems that it will be hard to keep it like this and keep people’s interest up indefinitely if the audience isn’t given something that will answer just something, just one thing maybe! Not just about why Hurley might not be losing weight, that wasn’t significant enough I don’t think.
I was all ready for Amazing Race last night and then remembered that they changed the nights! Can’t get used to that.
Maybe because it’s spring, I seem to be tiring of all these tv shows………..maybe I need to move on to something else for a while.

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  1. Stacy Says:

    I agree, and I wish they would do more to resolve some of the issues, but that doesn’t seem to be their agenda. They’ve had substantial ratings so far, so I’m sure they’re going to keep going on this way, trying to keep people hooked, until their numbers really go down. I think a lot of people are tiring of it, so maybe they’ll do something soon. ALTHOUGH, it will be season finale time in May, which usually means big cliffhangers at the end. So, there’s no telling what they will try to throw at us next!

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