How can it be this close to Christmas! It seems like I should have more things done by now. There is a sunday school party at my house tomorrow night, for 25 or so people… house so does not look like having people over right now! Cards need to be finished, wrapping done, and a few more things bought.
I had a sweet visitor for about five days; she arranged and rearranged the Christmas tree a few times! The lights on my tree have a switch to turn on so they’ll play music… she loved it and was easily entertained with the lights!
I snapped this right before church yesterday, she looks good with my tree!

Her parents were out of town on a little trip; I only had Katelyn this time and not Sam….I missed him. She went home late yesterday afternoon and for some reason I’m tired now! But I’ve got to start moving at warp speed if I’m going to get through with everything!

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  1. Robin Says:

    I’m way behind on Christmas this year too. I finally got the tree up this weekend – and I’ve just decided to not worry about the rest of the decorating since we are less than 2 weeks out!

  2. Lauren@Baseballs&Bows Says:

    I am having 40 of my husband’s relatives here for Christmas next week, and I am no where near ready! I have been sick and coughing for three weeks, and haven’t felt like doing much. I hope I get well, or I may be sending them all to Cracker Barrel! 🙂

    Love the picture of Katelyn. She is growing!

  3. claire Says:

    She is so cute! I just love little girl clothes right now…makes me wish I was little again! I’ve got all my shopping done except for my brother…he won’t tell me what he wants! I told him if he didn’t tell me anything I was going to get him and book….the boy thinks they are evil! Even that threat didn’t work; I guess he’s not getting anything.

  4. Stacy Says:

    She’s always so photogenic! I know she had a good time having you and her granddaddy all to herself 🙂

  5. sobeit Says:

    Don’t worry…you can be as behind as I am! 🙂 It just seems like there is no time to get it all done! Hope you have a wonderful party. I nominated you for an award…check my site for the details…if you want to participate! 🙂

  6. Barb @ A Chelsea Morning Says:

    Oh my goodness, Katelyn is so pretty! And she looks so festive in that adorable dress.

    Not to worry, Gail. No matter how much we worry, things always seem to come together just fine and in time, too. I’ll bet your party is a huge success.

  7. Kara Says:

    Hope your party is going well! And what a beuatiful girl in front of your tree!

  8. Susanne Says:

    She is adorable. That dress is jut sweet and very festive.

  9. Nancy Carson Says:

    Good luck getting your house ready. I hope the party is just GREAT! Your photo is PRECIOUS… what a blessing she must be! ENJOY!

  10. Sandra Says:

    Oh she’s adorable and that is just the cutest dress.

  11. jen Says:

    She matches the tree perfectly. It sounds like you are did the party go? I need to finish wrapping myself. I tagged you on a meme if you have the time…and also sent you an award….

  12. claire Says:

    I’ve tagged you for a meme if you have time to do it.

  13. Eden Says:

    Oh my goodness, she is absolutely adorable!! Hope you have a Merry Christmas!!

    I gave you an award/meme combo on my blog, go by and take a look 🙂


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