It’s the fourth Tuesday of the month and 5 Minutes for Books is hosting their monthly What’s on Your Nightstand? carnival. Click over there to see what others are reading right now and maybe to participate yourself!
My nightstand this month….

WHAT, you don’t think I’m reading all those books? HA! Actually most of those books on top have already been read. Along with all the others you see they’ve been littering lining the wall in my room. So this month I moved another nightstand into my room. My daughter brought one home to repaint; the project hasn’t been started yet and this nightstand was sitting in the laundry room unused. For now it’s getting the stacks of books up off my floor. It will get moved soon and I’ll need to come up with a new plan!

Books I might actually read this upcoming month………Rematch by Erynn Mangum, 2nd book in the Lauren Holbrook series; Marley and Me by John Grogan, this is the last one I need to read for the Fall into Reading Challenge. I’d also like to find a Christmas book or two at the library because I enjoy something seasonal during December; I’m not sure what I’ll get because I don’t have time to make it to the library before Thanksgiving! What’s on your nightstand right now?

14 Responses to “What’s on your nightstand”

  1. Katrina (Callapidder Days) Says:

    Great picture! My cat gets nervous when my book pile gets too high, so I tend to keep lots of little piles on the nightstand…and all around the room, actually. 🙂

  2. Lindsay Says:

    hehe loved the nightstand story! I read Marley and Me and absolutely loved it! Have fun reading this month!

  3. Carrie, Reading to Know Says:

    Well, *I* thought you looked incredibly ambitious. ;D

    I’ll be curious to know what you think of Mozart’s Sister whenever you get around to that.

  4. jen Says:

    I have one book my bed….Every Mother can let go of stress by Julie Barnhill……Happy Thanksgiving friend….enjoy your kids.

  5. Stacy Says:

    I like the red, don’t paint over it! You’ll like those books, I loved Marley and Me, but be sure to get some Kleenex at the end. I think you’ll really like most of the others too, at least the ones I have read. I want to know if you like Between Sundays, I haven’t read that one yet.

    Happy Reading!

  6. annie Says:

    What was the book you recommended? I am looking for something to read…

  7. Barbara H. Says:

    I see you have a Melody Carlson Christmas book in your sidebar. I just picked up one of hers, too, but a different title.

  8. Nise' Says:

    Yep, you will need kleenex for Marley and Me! Great stack of books, I see quite a few I want to read! I love Mary Alice Monroe.

  9. stephaniesmommybrain Says:

    I’m impressed you’ve already read all those on the top shelf! I read Christy years ago. Wonderful book.

  10. Alicia @ Experiencing Each Moment Says:

    I know what you mean about a Christmas book-I’m going to join in and read A Christmas Carol. Would love it if you did that too!

  11. Tammy Says:

    I read Christy as a teen…and I am reading Marley and Me right now! I am loving it…especially since we have a very Marley like dog right now! 🙂

  12. Alyce Says:

    I loved Marley and Me! We have a yellow lab, and she was just a puppy when I read the book, so it made feel a little better about her hijinx (at least she wasn’t THAT bad).

  13. Susanne Says:

    Well, I’m glad to see someone is just like me. I am not alone. LOL.

  14. Kipi Says:

    I just have to say that I love the red nightstand! The books are great, too, of course!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

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