I have a couple of things to ask and hope I can get some help from my friends!

1. There are some couples that we like to give gifts to as a couple but I always struggle with what to do…….I’ve done food type things and am looking for something else or slightly different. So what good ideas do you have for gifts to give a couple! What have you given in the past?

2. I’ve seen that bath and body has 2 holiday scents that sound nice….vanilla bean and twisted peppermint. Anyone tried them both and how do you like them? I think I’m more interested in the lotions unless you convince me something else is good! I have a coupon that I want to use and not let it expire.

3. Apparently a candle was waaaay too close to a bathroom wall last night during a function that was going on at my house. By the time I found it there was soot on the wall and oh my gosh, that stuff spreads if you try to clean it! What is the trick to get it off? Or is repainting the only option?!!
ugh, I’m thinking I might have to wait until after Thanksgiving at my house with 17 people to do any major fix on it!

Ok, hit me with your great ideas and advice!
And do have a terrific weekend……later, friends. 🙂

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  1. Stacy Says:

    No help here, but let me know if you want Bath and Body stuff for Christmas. Or more candles 🙂 I’m really wanting/needing Christmas ideas or suggestions for everyone this year.

  2. Debi Says:

    Have you tried baking soda to get the soot off? I’ve never tried it on soot, but it sure seems to get off everything my kids have ever gotten on the walls, and table, and refrigerator door, and…

  3. jen Says:

    try mr eraser on the soot….and the twisted peppermint and vanilla bean are great…i just dont want to smell like it so I bought it in the soaps….it makes the kitchen and bathrooms smell great….and they are 4/$10 right now….and a gift for a couple….depending on how much…a gift card….

  4. Sandra Says:

    For couples, I go with a restaurant certificate, or movie tickets, can’t ever go wrong with that 🙂

    I love the Bath and Body works vanilla ANYTHING…not much of a peppermint scent kinda gal, I don’t want to smell like a candy cane LOL

    Mr Eraser for the soot, definitely, it works really well.

  5. annie Says:

    I ♥ the twisted peppermint. I have some of the vanilla bean too, it’s not quite as strong. The peppermint has a sweet smell. Amanda loves it best!

    Have you tried one of those magic sponges on the bathroom wall? Those things work great.

  6. Susanne Says:

    I’ve tried both those scents from bath and body. And they were both gifts as we don’t have b&b here. They are both nice. I like the foaming soaps and if it’s for both a guy and girl then the vanilla is probably better.

    As a couples gift movie passes and restaurant gift certificates are something we enjoy. Or I’ve done a movie night gift basket with popcorn and popcorn flavorings, a couple movies in different genres, and a few packs of different kinds of candy. For the basket I used a nice big colorful bowl that would hold the popped popcorn.

  7. Katrina (Callapidder Days) Says:

    I haven’t had the soot problem (yet!), but I, too, would suggest trying a Magic Eraser. As for couple gifts, food is always a winner, or a “date-night gift certificate package” — gift certificates to a restaurant, a bookstore, and/or coffee shop. We’ve also been known to give a boardgame to a couple, if they are game-players.

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