If it was me, I would be crying because I don’t like critters of any sort! But Katelyn doesn’t seem to mind them, in fact she seems to love playing with them. I’ve not quite understood this interest she has…we’ve dug up worms for her, I’ve seen her chase bugs around and I believe she would hold just about anything. Maybe I’ve just forgotten what it’s like to be little or to have little ones around.
I took this picture recently when I was visiting for Sam’s birthday but to me it’s just icky in about 22 different ways!

No crying for her, just playing with that lizard. Get her a toy is what I say!
To each his own….I’m thinking these grandbabies will probably be better off than me when they’re grown!

10 Responses to ““Big girls don’t cry””

  1. Sonya Says:

    I love this picture! I loved critters when I was young but you couldn’t pay me to touch some of those things now! She does look very cute, and cautious, as she holds this little guy!

    BTW, White Christmas Pie by Wanda Brunstetter is a stand alone book. Just FYI. I’m almost done and it’s pretty good. I like her writing. It’s easy to read!

  2. Becky Says:

    You know, I myself, being the mother of 3 boys, have certainly seen my share. But it is the boys I call to capture an escaped lizard in the house now and then.

    I have always, always, always, been utterly enchanted by little girls who love to play with creepy things. I am wierd that way I guess. I find them absolutely precious.

  3. Dawn Says:

    I don’t like lizards or ANY kind of creepy things. Cute picture and she’s adorable….but the lizard.

  4. Tammy Says:

    Gail, although you could have never found me doing that, I think the photo is priceless! 🙂

  5. annie Says:

    Great picture!
    Emelia is so prissy and girlie, but she has never been afraid of bugs and stuff either.

  6. Stacy Says:

    Katelyn would probably not like seeing Beau chase and then crunch on a lizard. He likes to eat them, silly dog 🙂

  7. Nancy Carson Says:

    What a precious photo! I’ve always loved critters and during my teaching years, I tried to get every kid excited about God’s creation… hands on excited! I have a lot of interesting stories from all of those years. Enjoy every precious minute with those grandkids.

  8. Sandra Says:

    Oh I just got the shivers…UGH I can’t handle any kind of creepy crawlies or bugs.

    But that is such an awesome photo though 🙂

  9. Kara Says:

    I LOVE pictures of kids and critters…must be the biologist in me!

  10. Susanne Says:

    My kids always loved the creepy crawly things, but not the flying stuff. In fact, my oldest daughter whose 18 has a salamander as a pet.

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