We’re having lots of family at our house for Thanksgiving this year so I thought it might be good to cook some things now for the freezer. I don’t want to spend all next week cooking when I could be visiting or playing with kids! I’ve gotten a couple of things put up so far plus a couple of things assigned to others to do; that’s always a big help too. Then yesterday the UPS person knocked at my door and left me this…….

That is a 15+ pound smoked turkey, already cooked! Yum, my house smelled so good when I opened the box. My daughter in law’s grandma sent that to us, isn’t that the sweetest thing to do! She has done that before when all the kids are coming in to visit and we enjoy it so much. It had the directions on it for how to keep it and serve it…..the freezer if you aren’t using it within 6 days. But the turkey is here and ready (and in the freezer)! Now on to a few more dishes for Thanksgiving and a couple of things for the days after, then I can just thaw and heat next week!

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  1. Stacy Says:

    Did you put it in the freezer? It’s more than 6 days before the ravenous hordes descend upon your house 🙂

    I vote you make your soup thing with leftovers and you could do sandwiches and stuff afterwards. We’ll only be there a short time, so don’t worry much about feeding us. It’s those kids and grandkids that might eat you out of house and home, LOL!

    P.S. Put Liz to work, get her cooking 🙂

  2. annie Says:

    That is so sweet!
    Have you ever had those honey hams that you order? Those are so good! I may order one for this year.

  3. Sandra Says:

    You have the right idea, start cooking and freezing now instead of leaving it all for the day.

    For some reason though I love the rush of cooking everything ON the day, I guess because it’s just 4 of us I can get away with it LOL

  4. Susanne Says:

    Yum. Can’t say I’ve ever had smoked turkey!

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