This quest to get rid of extra stuff out of my house has left me a bit frazzled lately. I can’t seem to keep up with that and regular work, activities, walking, church, blogging, etc. The latest thing Liz and I have done is to go through quite a few boxes of vhs tapes we found….who knew you could have so many of those things! The easiest to deal with were the ones that were just recorded tv shows because we tossed a big box of those in the trash. Apparently I have watched too much tv over the years, there were at least 50 of those! Another stack we kept were old home movies of the kids; birthday parties, piano recitals, ball games and such. After the first of the year I hope to find someone that can transfer those to dvd, they’ll be easier to store. The hardest for me to deal with are the myriads of tapes that have been bought over the years; one year when the kids were little hubby probably ordered between 50-100 tapes so they’d have “good” things to watch on tv. They didn’t like all of them obviously because I bet we found at least a dozen that are unopened. Liz just thinks we should get rid of all of them or give them away….I think vcr’s have just about become a thing of the past. Lots of them were ordered through christian companies and feature films for families so we might see if the church wants any for the library. We have stacks and stacks of tapes everywhere! But today hubby has company coming over, people he knew from college that have been misssionaries overseas for many years.
AND we’ll have family home for thanksgiving, which is coming up way too quick for me! So I think a new plan is in order!
1. Need to temporarily stop going through some of this clutter
2. Get some meals/dishes cooked and in the freezer for later
3. Do some of the regular housework! Oh that seems to never go away
4. Clean off my stinking camera card that I never take time to do!
5. Try to get my sewing picked up, put away so we can sleep people in that room for the holidays.
More? I think there might be more but this will be enough to work on for the next few days or week! Which might leave me feeling as overwhelmed as I already feel!

just slip out the back, jack; make a new plan, stan….just get yourself free

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  1. Stacy Says:

    Yep, time to box it up and put it up and start getting ready for the hordes that will descend upon you soon. Hungry hordes, I might add, LOL!

    I’d definitely check if the church library or even local library would want a lot of those before I tossed them in the trash, which will then go to a landfill. We have a lot of VHS tapes around here too. I’ve made 2 concerted efforts to get someone to help me go through them and decide what to dub, but he is always running away to the golf course and not helping 🙂

    Get busy and put Liz to work too! 🙂

  2. annie Says:

    “…hop on the bus gus…”

    I love de-cluttering!

  3. Tammy Says:

    Wow, you are SO busy decluttering, Gail…good for you! Both my mom and I have had a problem of what to do with very old VHS tapes that we recorded movies and shows on, and are now getting old and faded. There should be some kind of recycling place for them, don’t you think? We have at least 50 of them each, too!
    Try to have fun, now…:)

  4. Sandra Says:

    You know I just decluttered the kids rooms and gave away 6 bags of toys and clothes.

    I agree though, maybe it’s time to put that aside and get ready for thanksgiving LOL OR you could put it on hold and have the hordes help you in exchange for some turkey LOL

  5. Kara Says:

    It is never ending isn’t it? I always have the urge to hang on to things (to sell in a garage sale or on Ebay or give away) but have been trying to convince myself just to throw them away! And sometimes it is just better to close the closet door and move on (or run away screaming!)

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