Some days it just seems too hard to come up with a post; and I haven’t posted in so long it looks like that’s most days I guess! Plus, I stay on facebook playing games that seem to suck me in. It’s easier to come up with a line or two for fb status rather than an entire post, so I’ll post a few together for today.

my name…..
*new white shirt plus tomato sauce for meatballs, not good!

*audio books for car trips are a very good thing!

*Wicked was awesome! I loved it

*when does exercise ever become fun?

*I am SO tired of mosquitoes

*I should be old enough to not break out on my face! What is up with that?

ok, who called at 4 in the morning on my cell phone asking me to go shopping! Ms. private number you should wait until at least 6 please.

*enjoyed my first shopping trip to Ikea!

*mint dark chocolate 3 musketeers, mmmmm!

* I’m sorta tired of spam comments, that is all.

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  1. Stacy Says:

    Looks like you need to be on Twitter! That’s what I love about Twitter, I can just say something quick and easy that’s on my mind and not have to “come up” with a whole post.

    What did you buy at Ikea?
    We have 3 musketeers, but not the mint kind 🙂

  2. Kara Says:

    Let me know when exercise becomes fun…I am waiting for that day! I also had to chuckle about the breakouts. I just said yesterday that if I have to have the face I had as a teenager I think I should have the body, too!

  3. jen Says:

    those mint 3 musketeers are awesome…yummy. I de activated Facebook for now…I was on it for hours at a time and got nothing done….bad me..I may reactivate around the holidays. Any Italian meal on white in never good….note to self..dont wear white while eating Italian.

  4. annie Says:

    Great ones…
    agree about the face… what’s up with that?
    love ikea.
    audio books make car trips so much more enjoyable.

  5. Tammy Says:

    So glad to know I’m not the only one that has been a slacker blogger lately! 😉 And you’re right…it’s partly due to FB, mainly because it’s so much easier to post one or two sentences there- as well as read friend’s short status’.
    I did finally post yesterday for my giveaway however…and am trying to catch up with blogging friends tonight.


  6. Claire Says:

    I didn’t realize that Billy Mink was the doc you’re related to! I’ve taken call with him in the NICU several times this month! He’s great!

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