I have taken so many pictures in the last few weeks………we have had a lot of events that seem picture worthy!
First a weekend in Dallas for a wedding, then the kids coming to visit and some of the babies with them, and lots of family over to visit. There are so many good ones and I would love to post them all but it is far too many for that; plus I still have my last Disneyworld post saved but not published that I need to finish up and put on here also!
So, I’ll start with a goofy one, of me and my sis, Stacy………….she said she liked it so I’m sure it’s ok to put on here!

We took it when they came up this past Sunday to see some of my kids…..I told you it was silly!

more family photos later………..

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  1. Stacy Says:

    Gee, I didn’t say I LIKED it, I agreed it was silly. And I know why you wanted to post it – your silly face is not nearly as silly and cross-eyed as mine! 🙂

    Post some of the babies and the kids! I’d rather see those…

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