and the moon sees me

I liked the moon I saw when I went outside the other night right before dark. I sorta liked the way it peeked in between two trees way off in the distance. You could see it better if I had mad photography skillz and some kind of wicked awesome new camera! But alas, I have neither. Occasionally I remember to look at everyday things and really see them. Just a shot I sorta liked……

And I think it reminded me of that little song I used to sing to my kiddies when they were young!
What do you see at your house today?

the moon sees somebody I’d like to see

6 Responses to ““I see the moon””

  1. Stacy Says:

    Was this Saturday night? We were driving back and I wished I had my camera. We were looking at the moon and talking about it. The moon is actually really hard to photograph, at least for me. I’ve got a nice camera I don’t know how to use. Every time I try to photo the moon, it comes out kinda blurry. 🙁 Yours is a great shot!

  2. Sandra Says:

    Great shot. I agree with Stacy, the moon is definitely hard to photograph, I don’t have a great camera but I’ve been able to get a few good shots, don’t know how LOL

  3. Nancy Carson Says:

    I think you got a great photo. I’ve never been able to get a good moon shot with my camera or my skills. I wish I knew more and when time permits, I may take a class. I would love to know more.

    Now back to your question… at my house today I saw four deer on a morning stroll, nibbling grass along the way.

  4. Karen Says:

    The sky is a beautiful color in this shot. And the moon looks like a paper moon cut out. So pretty!

  5. Eden Says:

    Awesome shot. To answer your question: College students coming to and fro.

  6. jen Says:

    What do I see at my house today? An overcast sky. We have some rain coming tonight and tomorrow….I love your moon shot.

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