I couldn’t decide about doing the nightstand carnival over at 5 minutes for books this month. Since I just posted about the fall reading challenge yesterday I thought I might should skip this month but have decided to play along anyway. This is what my nightstand looks like this morning……

So the quick and easy answer to that question is, junk, too much junk is on my nightstand! Oh, but you meant books and what I’m reading? Besides the magazines, papers, eye medicine, sudoku books and water bottle I do have books….I actually finished several in the last few weeks but just haven’t bothered to move yet. Talk of the Town and Her Daddy’s Eyes need to be returned to my church library, thank goodness they don’t fine me or come looking for me if I’ve kept them too long. There’s always at least one sudoku book by my bed and no exception to that this month. The book on top is We Have This Moment by Diann Hunt and I just started it last night. It’s one I’m reading for the fall reading challenge and I did my list/post on it yesterday. The book in the middle is one I borrowed from sis Stacy, ditto on the great return policy! Good thing since I probably have at least 12 of her books right now. I finished that book over the weekend, On Mystic Lake by Kristin Hannah. It is probably a typical women’s fiction book and not christian at all. I do think I can do without the language that goes with these at times so that’s why I don’t read them as frequently as I might have in the past. I sort of enjoyed the book but am left sad or melancholy I think at the world view that can be in them. I’m pretty conservative about lots of things, that’s just me! I think mostly it left me feeling flat because of some other things that have happened, I can be a moody reader at times depending on what’s going on around me!
Now I need to get some of these returned so I can work on my stack a little bit…..well, I really need to work on that junk first!

9 Responses to “What’s on your nightstand?”

  1. Sandra Says:

    My nightstand is always full of junk LOL

  2. Stacy Says:

    Never fear, I have another stack of books here for you!!! 🙂

  3. annie Says:

    I love doing sudoku puzzles!

  4. Lindsey@A Kindred Spirits Thoughts Says:

    Ha! I’m glad I’m not the only “moody reader” around. 😉

  5. Tammy Says:

    I’m a moody reader, too, Gail! And I seldom read “secular” books just for the reasons you mentioned. I use to a lot, but these days I’m just more picky about the kinds of things I fill my mind with. However, I do plan on reading Marley and Me! 🙂

  6. Susanne Says:

    My husband’s nightstand is always neat as a pin and mine looks like yours! But at least there is books on it, right? LOL.

  7. Sonya Says:

    I’m definitely a moody reader. There are times that I’m loving a book but get sidetracked with something at home and put it down for a few days. Then I’ll pick it back up and I hate it! LOL! I haven’t joined any challenges because I’m still trying to finish up books that I made commitments to reading at the beginning of the year. To say I’m behind is an understatement! Happy Reading!

  8. Ruth Says:

    I noticed your reading sidebar and I have to say I really liked Measure of a Lady. I’m also interested in reading Talk of the Town, it looks like a fun read.

  9. Karen Says:

    I like that term — a moody reader. Sometimes I think I’m just not very focused (which is probably true), but I think you’ve hit the nail on the head with this. I skipped this last month, but I think I’ll go over and work on it. (My DH is a big saduko fan. I am sooo bad with numbers!)

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