Why is it that once you start using something and like it, they go and change it on you? It doesn’t have to be just products either. Apparently according to sis Stacy, I used old facebook too long because I do NOT like the new facebook. I must not be the only one because I keep seeing other people complain about it too. Then my computer upgraded to a new firefox, nope I don’t like it either! Don’t even get me started on products I buy because they seem to change frequently, or my store will just quit carrying the brand I buy. I have an ongoing love/hate affair with detergents for my front load machine. I gave in a few weeks ago and bought one of the new big containers of All, it wasn’t the free and clear like I’d like it to be but it is one for my kind of washer. But at my house, I think this container is just a disaster waiting to happen!

The directions say to turn the bottle on the side so you can press the blue button to dispense detergent into the plastic cup….it seems like a good idea but it leaks and drips and the cap stays messy. And I can guarantee that not everyone here that uses it will be careful with it! I think I’m going to save one of my old small bottles to refill from this big jug; and I won’t be buying this one again.
So you won’t think I’m a complete fuddy duddy that doesn’t like anything new, here’s some things that are newer that I DO like!
1. iPods, they are SO much better than the old walkman things
2. I love my new car with gps in it!
3. cell phones, what would we do without them……and texting, it’s so easy for quick messages or for my kids that don’t want to talk all the time!
4. my shampoo bottles have a new design that’s easier to pick up and hold, that’s a good thing
5. Kraft mayo bottles, the new rectangular ones that fit in the fridge better
6. paper towels with the select a size so you don’t have to pull off a whole sheet, brilliant!

See, I can like some new things!
What about you? Do you ever like a product and then they go and change it up on you?

dreams can come true again, when everything old is new again

9 Responses to ““Everything old is New again…””

  1. Sandra Says:

    LOL you sound like me. I don’t like the new facebook and have been off there for a while because of it LOL

    Firefox LOL You took the words right out of my mouth.

    Thanks for the laugh 🙂

  2. Lynne Says:

    I’ve been using the big bottles of detergent with the push button thing. Do you tighten the screw cap after you use the push button? I only loosen the screw cap when I use the bottle, then tighten it up again. I haven’t had any drips at all.

  3. Stacy Says:

    Great post, I have to agree with a lot of those you listed.

    Before we got our hE washer, I used regular All in a huge 120 oz thing from Sam’s Club. It had one of those push button things and I hated it. After a while, I just bought a small one and would fill it at the kitchen sink from the big humongous one from Sam’s. I’m relieved I don’t have those any more 🙂

    I don’t mind Facebook. You work in the computer field long enough and you learn to adapt quickly to changes and updates. I updated Firefox this morning but haven’t noticed anything yet. What’s different that you don’t like?

  4. Susanne Says:

    LOL! All the time but I can’t name one of the top of my head just because I was asked. LOL. My daughter hates the new facebook too!

  5. annie Says:

    I think the main thing I don’t like is when they market a product as new and improved and the main difference is the box art and less product! I am with you on all the good new things!

  6. Karen Says:

    My biggest gripe is when I have to replace my cell phone (and it seems to happen every year or two, which comes around faster these days) I can NEVER get the same model and I have to learn a new phone all over again. I’m so technologically challenged, I know they do this on purpose and then laugh at me.

    I’ve had good luck with the large liquid detergent bottles, too. No drips. I agree, they look like an accident waiting to happen. Maybe Lynne has the right idea, tighten the cap?

  7. claire Says:

    My mom has been using this type of container with Era for a long time…here’s the deal with the cap: throw it in the wash with the clothes. That way, you use all the detergent and clean the cap at the same time.

    I don’t care for the new Facebook either…I used to have a photo icon at the bottom so I could find new albums easily and now it’s been replaced with something else and I am extremely annoyed at that!

  8. Dawn Says:

    I am one of those weirdos that likes the new Facebook. I wasn’t sure at first, but I decided to give it a week before switching back (back when that was an option) and before I knew it, I liked it better! =)

  9. jen Says:

    I’m laughing at the mayo jar because I totally agree with you…I sell Mary kay on the side and they constantly dis continue my favorite things or change them….it drives me crazy.

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