Time for Susanne’s fave five for Friday…..she’ll have details and a Mr. Linky so anyone can participate.
Let me see what I can come up with for this week!

1. New music I downloaded from itunes this week…….soundtrack from Mamma Mia! Fun to listen to and daughter Elizabeth was excited because she’ll get a cd out of the deal.
2. The sun! After raining for a while it’s been pretty and sunny here this week and I’ve enjoyed that. I get tired of the rain really quickly.
3. This blog by Meghan McClain has been fun for me to follow. She’s on the road with her dad and doing some stuff for her new book too I think. I’ve been liking Sarah Palin too!
4. Katelyn has stayed with me for a few days this week. It’s exhausting but enjoyable at the same time. I can tell it’s been a while since I’ve had a 2 1/2 year old around the house, she wakes up very chipper around 6 in the morning! She will say, “I wake up” and be very happy about it……I have never been quite that happy so early in the morning!
5. Getting a free sample of my prescription eye drops from the eye doctor…..that sounds silly but the bottle lasts me a month and saves me $70! So I like it when they give me a bottle.

Join in at Susanne’s place and link up! Or tell me what’s been your favorite thing this week!

12 Responses to “Fave Five for Friday”

  1. ellen b Says:

    My daughter went right out and bought the mama mia soundtrack after she saw the movie. It’s a fun one. I still need to go see the movie. I can imagine how tiring and fun and exhausting and rewarding having a 2-1/2 year old around :0)
    I’m guessing she’s your granddaughter?? Enjoy…

  2. nikkipolani Says:

    I wonder if your Katelyn will continue being a morning person. How lovely does her little “I wake up” chirp sound 😀 Oh, and when you’re done with that rain, could you send it to So Cal? We neeeeeeeeeed it. Thanks.

  3. Stacy Says:

    So, are you guys singing and dancing in the kitchen to Abba music now?! LOL!

    I’m glad Katelyn got to come stay, I can just hear her saying “I wake up!” She’s soooo cute 🙂

    Have a good Friday!

  4. Susanne Says:

    I love Abba music. I think the days with Katelyn are definitely a must for your fave list! I wish I had her spunk in the morning! ;v)

  5. annie Says:

    I love that soundtrack!

  6. Dawn Says:

    Oh to have that kind of energy in the morning like Katelyn 🙂

    Have a great weekend!

  7. Sandra Says:

    I had fun reading your favorite five 🙂

  8. Nancy Carson Says:

    I love your Fave Five. I went to the McCain website. I can’t wait to go back and read some more… very interesting. I’ve enjoyed reading the news about Palin too, such enthusiasm, and a very unique lady. I’m glad you have had some sun. Will it continue with the IKE in the Gulf? Have a great weekend.

  9. Karen Says:

    We’ve had two days of clouds and I’m so ready for sunshine. I’m not a rainy day person, at.all. I’ve been following Meghan McCain’s blog, too. It’s nice seeing the personal photographs and following the campaign trail. She’s a lovely young woman. I saw her on the Today Show and then she wrote about it. She handles herself well for being so young (22? Ithink.)

  10. Jen Says:

    Free meds are a good thing. Thanks for sharing your fave five.

  11. kreed Says:

    I’m not a morning person, either, but somehow a sweet little face can make them a little more enjoyable!

  12. Sonya Says:

    All great things! Especially the free eye drops! Woo hoo!

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