There is a series of books written by Anne George called the Southern Sisters…..maybe 8 different books about 2 sixty something year old sisters that live in Birmingham and just happen upon murders from time to time! They are light and funny and very southern for the most part. I’ve been lucky enough to borrow them from my sis Stacy so I can keep them for a while and not have to read them all back to back. One I read a few weeks ago (Murder Makes Waves I think it was) had a small paragraph in it I really liked and was sort of struck by:

We Southerners do this, try to make connections. It’s as inborn as the color of our eyes or our hair. Introduce two Southerners and they never lack for something to talk about. And it’s not the weather. It’s the search for connections. We do love to connect the dots.

Oh that’s so true, we SO do this! I’ve lived in Mississippi all my life so I don’t know how to be anything but a southern girl. But I find myself doing this when meeting someone or talking to a friend……try to find out who they are related to or who they might know in the town they live in, because if we find some common acquaintance we are connected somehow! I’ve seen friends, relatives, even my kids do this also so I don’t think it’s just me.
Have you ever done the same? Do you try to connect the dots, find some common thread to other people and see how far apart you’re separated? Or is it truly just a Southern thing!

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  1. claire Says:

    HOW FUNNY! My mom does this ALL THE TIME! I do it, too. In fact, my first year in medical school, somehow I learned that one of my professors almost bought the house I grew up in. Right now my brother’s professor is a man who lived in the house we grew up in right before we moved there. HOWEVER, he WILL NOT tell the guy who he is or make that connection…stubborn boy. I read this entry to my mom b/c it’s so true/funny.

  2. annie Says:

    I notice it at church… we are all related some how :).

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