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My car has a camera on the back and when you’re in reverse you can see what’s on the ground back behind your car, like a bike, wagon or garbage can but I haven’t had any of those things happen yet! I use my mirrors mostly but always check the screen to see if there’s anything back there. During the day when the sun is bright, it’s sometimes hard to see the screen but you can usually tell if the coast is clear. I was out running a couple of errands this morning and when I was leaving the church library to head to the town library, I did a double take when I looked at the screen. My initial reaction in the bright almost midday sun was that something was wrong with my camera! I got out and actually looked for it because I’ve never known where it was on the car but I couldn’t find it right away. I had on sunglasses too so I think it made it a little harder to quickly tell what it was on the screen…..

It caught me off guard because I don’t ever expect anything to be behind me. It was a little creepy to me and odd looking because it took up so much of the screen.
But I did finally find the camera on the back and a moth just perfectly positioned right over it! He was there for several of my stops through town but must have finally flown away when I picked up speed. Can you see him?

Couldn’t find the book I wanted at the church library, bummer, but left a note for the head lady and maybe she’ll have it for me Sunday or next week. I did get the one I was looking for at the town library, got to eat lunch with hubby & daughter, AND, learned where the back up camera is on my car!
I’m going to do BLT’s tonight and daughter will watch a Harry Potter movie; maybe I’ll read! I think we’ll see Batman tomorrow. What kind of plans do you have for the weekend?

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  1. Robin Says:

    What a great feature to have on your car – it seems like lately I’ve heard of so many horrible accidents where family members are backing over their little kids.

    That moth looks like it comes from some sci-fi movie! Yuck!

    I have to work Saturday, but I’m hoping to get a little reading, writing, and sewing in sometime this weekend. I want to see Batman too. But maybe that will have to wait for next weekend.

  2. Claire Says:

    Wow! That’s alien looking! I finally could tell that it was some kind of bug. Amazing. Sounds like a good dinner and movie night! I’m going to watch Monk! Thanks for all the suggestions for NYC. Les Miserables and Phantom probably won’t be on our list as we’ve seen them, but I would really like to see Marry Poppins! We’ll see. I’m all for hitting up H&M…never been there. BTW, what time did y’all get to the Today show stuff? I’d like to do that.

  3. Tammy Says:

    Wow, Gail, you sure get big moths down where you live! Yikes, my girls would be terrified! (OK, maybe I would, too!) LOL
    That is a neat feature your car has, though!

    Plans, you ask? Well, I never did join my family camping…remember, I was “HOME ALONE”? 😉 But they come home Sat. around noon, and then we’re all heading off to a company picnic and believe you me, by now, I am SO ready to see them all!

  4. annie Says:

    That’s cool, Emelia was looking on and she was impressed 🙂

  5. Dawn Says:

    Sometimes that happens with our security cameras at work. I am not so much a fan of seeing a bug that up close & personal. =P

    Mmmm… BLTs sound great. Perfect Summer food.

  6. Debi Says:

    Oh my, that’s too funny! My husband would have been thrilled, bug freak that he is. 🙂

    We had BLTs yesterday…of course, we tend to have them a couple times a week during the summer…they’re just so darn tasty!

  7. jen Says:

    That is so funny on the moth. Our weekend was girlfriend friendly and then staying inside. It is so hot here.

  8. Stacy Says:

    Cool beans! Love the pictures of the moth!

    Which book did you get? Hope they get the other one for you. I have some more for you, the next time you come down this way. Who needs a library when you can just borrow books from me, LOL?!!!

    Dark Knight was good, wasn’t it?! We saw it this weekend too 🙂

  9. Lauren@Baseballs&Bows Says:

    That is a little creepy. It looks huge!

  10. Kristen Says:

    Oh that would have thrown me for a loop too!

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