I’ve been thinking for a few weeks that I might should make another quick trip to North Carolina before the kids moved back. It would be a good time for Elizabeth to go with me and Kathryn thought we could help keep the kids occupied for them. So this past weekend when E got through with her classes we headed out. We shopped in Birmingham a bit for her but she didn’t find what she was looking for. We stopped and spent that night on the road so we could break up the driving. Then in South Carolina we made an impromptu stop at a farm stand we kept seeing signs for! They had tons of peaches and peach related foods, so we bought a bottle of Cheerwine to split! I have read the Mitford books which mention someone having a bottle of cheerwine but had never had it or heard of it. It’s more of a Carolina thing I think; we decided it was a bit like a cherry coke.
We’ve been here for a few days just visiting and trying to help out some. We’ve played with the kids, been swimming a few times, packed a few boxes, and hustled everyone out on short notice so the realtor could show the house. Tuesday someone looked twice and has emailed back with questions so we’re praying that something will come from that showing!
We’re driving home today; bringing Kathryn’s china with us and stopping in Tuscaloosa for the rest of Elizabeth’s boxes from when she moved out a few weeks ago. We’re a little tired and might be even more so after an 11-12 hour drive home but it was a fun last minute trip that I’m glad I was able to make with a sweet daughter along for the ride!

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  1. Stacy Says:

    Oh, you’re coming home sooner than you said? I thought you’d have another day to visit. I wish I had been able to go (but you know me, I can’t be away from Tim that long!). I bet they were so glad you guys could come, I know it was a big help. Have a safe trip 🙂

    P.S. What on earth is that title from, sounds sort of like Georgia on my mind!

  2. annie Says:

    Sounds like fun, just driving and shopping…

    I will have that song in my head all morning now!

  3. Karen Says:

    It sounds like a fun road trip! I would love to take a road trip, we’re long overdue. We went on one last summer, but it already seems like years ago. Good luck with the move! I hope the buyers come through:)

  4. Becky Says:

    My mom and I have taken a trip together several times, just the two of us. We enjoy traveling together. It keeps it from being boring and tiring, and we like to stop at all the same places. She also does not mind when I have to go potty … again.

  5. Claire Says:

    sounds like fun! My parents and I are going to NYC at the end of the month. Not quite a mother/daughter trip, but it’s close!

  6. jen Says:

    I so enjoy road trips with my momma but havent been on one with her in 2 years…she is going to Fl with us this October so it will be nice.

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