I am a BAREFOOT kind of girl! Always have been….I go barefoot around the house all the time, outside too and love it. I sit with my feet and legs curled up under me and I get down on the floor to cut out fabric and do some sewing things. All of which I’ve decided must not be very good for you at all and I think I’m paying for it now. I’ve had plantar fasciitis on the bottoms of my feet for quite a few years now but that mostly just hurts when I first get out of bed in the morning so I’ve learned to deal with and adjust to that. But 3 weeks ago, or maybe a month, I noticed one day after starting back walking that my ankle and back of my ankle was really hurting; bad enough that I just couldn’t walk again and thought it needed rest. It has been swollen too. So I started wearing some tennis shoes around the house all.the.time. Hubby thought it quite odd that I was wearing them with my pj’s even! I thought it made my foot feel better; until Monday when I went to bible school wearing the only flowery/beachy looking top I had and figured flip flops are what you wear to look beachy! Alas, I think flip flops are NO good for your feet….especially if an ankle is hurt. I decided Tuesday morning to call one of the GP’s from our church for an appointment that afternoon. He poked around on it, lots harder than I do! All the while looking at me, for my reaction I suppose……..and he’s darn lucky I didn’t accidentally kick him when he hit the tender spot. 🙂 It is exactly what I thought it must be, a pretty good case of Achilles tendonitis. He said we could try some things and do some other stuff but how bad did I want it gone. To which I quickly replied, bad! As in now. So he said we should cut to the chase and do a steroid pack. I got a dexpak from the drugstore, directions on how to do it. And he said I should probably ice it 3-4 times a day along with getting a heel pad to put in my shoes to help take some of the pressure off. You so wanted to see the ankle didn’t you!

Maybe not so I’m sorry about this. That top arrow is pointing to where it’s all swollen if you can tell and that other one going to the back of my heel? Ooh, very, very tender and ouchy there.

By the way, it’s hard to take a picture of your foot! Now I have this lovely package of meds….and I’ve had a headache today, is that related or just because I’m very tired? Or because I have to get out early in the morning and have coffee a few times this week, uh oh, maybe it’s the caffeine.

But now I’m in trouble or maybe I’m gonna use this! But see that yellow tab on the pack, the one where it’s written in bold take with food?

Why does this medicine have to be that way? That can’t be a good thing for me! Because I just couldn’t take my medicine Tuesday night without making sure I’d had a bit of something to eat first. And this was just soooo handy and already out, was calling my name and seemed perfect, right?

I’m gonna pay for that too! A not so fun side effect of this medicine is some weight gain, yeah I need that….I guess the good thing is that I won’t have to be on it long so maybe it will be minimal. I’m going to have to be more aggressive and diligent with stretching when the inflammation is gone he said, something else to look forward to. Right now, I’m just hoping that it will start to feel better in a few days. I’m still too vain to give up cute shoes! I will wear something more supportive than flip flops until it’s better but I gotta get this cleared up, because I like me some cute shoes!
I’m off for a date with an ice pack.

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  1. Lynne Says:

    Ouch! As a member of the plantar fasciitis club, I share that pain with you. I’ve never had the ankle pain though.

    I love to be barefoot. I don’t wear shoes unless I have to – and then I pay the price. I haven’t had a flare-up in some time, but I know it’ll come.

    Every time I put shoes on while I’m in the house, the dogs think they’re going to go for a ride in the car!

  2. Debi Says:

    Yikes! Oh Gail, I do hope you’re feeling better mighty soon…that does not look like much fun!

    But sheesh…I had no idea ugly things could happen by going barefoot. Except for the occasional bee I’ve stepped on, I haven’t had any problems yet. But now you’ve got me afraid.

    Take care of yourself, Gail! And if that means choking down a few brownies, so be it. 😉

  3. Coach Jenny Says:

    Gosh! I hope those meds work. I hate having to take food with my medication-and vitamins-too!! ‘Cause I go for the junk food, too 🙂
    I just heard a report on TV that flip flops are bad for your feet and I turned it off ’cause that’s all I wear in the summer time around the house.

  4. Stacy Says:

    Yikes, hope you feel better soon. So this is a 10 day pack of medicine? Will it be all better after that, I know you have a lot of stuff coming up. Icing it 3-4 times must be a pain, but I hope it’s helping and you’re starting to feel better. The coffee and chocolate ought to help a lot too, LOL!

    Unfortunately, I go barefoot most of the summer also. However, unlike you, I do NOT like cute shoes. I don’t like my feet hurting for no good reason 🙂 You know me and shoes, it goes back to those leg braces I had to wear and then the orthopedic shoes I wore for years. Ugh.

  5. Robin Says:

    Oh, I’m so sorry. I have plantar fasciatis that flares up every so often. It is such a pain. Both figuratively and literally. But your poor foot looks like you are really hurting. I hope the meds help – and soon!

  6. annie Says:

    Ouch. I’m a barefoot girl too. My shoes go off as I enter the front door. I usually kick them off while driving too. I can’t imagine wearing shoes all the time. I hope it goes away!

  7. Lauren@Baseballs&Bows Says:

    That doesn’t look fun! I hope the medicine will work without too many of the bad side effects!

  8. Dawn Says:

    Ouch! Hope you feel better soon! I am usually barefoot in the house but not outside. The grass here is sharp like little spikes and there are fire ants everywhere!

  9. Karen Says:

    I used to go barefoot all the time, but now I can’t stand the feel of nothing on my feet! I usually opt for comfy sandals and, yes, sometimes I even wear them with socks. I love flip-flops, but they just don’t have any support. I think the foot issue is one of the worst things about getting older! I hope you feel better soon:)

  10. Stacy (the other one) Says:

    That looks really painful. I hope it heals up nice and quick for you 🙂

  11. Shawna Says:

    I hope your foot and ankle get better. It’s a pain! I have to wear my tennis shoes all the time now. So, my whole family is used to me wearing dressy clothes and a pair of tennis shoes!

  12. Susanne Says:

    Oh ouch! Praying it heals quickly! If anything can help the medicine go down it should be anything chocolate, right?

  13. jen Says:

    I go bare foot all the time too even outside. The medicine though when it says take with food I do milk alot.

  14. Dawn P Says:

    Ouch girl 🙁 I hope you are feeling better soon. I thinking going barefoot is just part of living in the South. It’s so hot all the time. First thing I do when I get to the office is take off my shoes….

    Well I hope the meds kick in soon and before you know you’re all better 🙂

  15. Becky Says:

    Oh, don’t even get me started on foot issues. I have fought them for years and years. Number one rule is NEVER, EVER go barefooted. I have a pair of good clogs that sit by my bed and when I get up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night I slip into them. My feet never touch the floor. NEVER.

    I also have a great (read expensive) made-to-my-feet orthotics that I wear in my tennis shoes, which are my shoe of choice almost all the time. I have never in my life worn heels of any kind, which is sad for this 5 foot tall girl to have to admit.

    Oh, good luck. The steroids will help. But the other hints will give a long term healing and relief.

  16. Tammy Says:

    Oh, your poor foot…I hope it does heal quickly!

    And nothing like brownies to make the medicine go down! 😉

  17. Nancy Carson Says:

    I wear my flip flops all the time and just love them. I know they are bad for your feet and now after seeing your ankle… I need to stop wearing them all the time! Good luck on healing your ankle.

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