I got home from North Carolina late Tuesday night and was pretty much good for nothing on Wednesday. One way is roughly 655 miles, which makes for a loooong drive by myself! This time I made a stop in Atlanta to meet Lynne, another blogger. What fun! We had lunch and visited for a while and I enjoyed talking with her so much. She was sweet to come meet me along the road! It was only after Atlanta that I got bored and really tired. I listened to Atlanta traffic and weather for about 30 minutes straight while navigating the roads there. Then I flipped through all 247 xm radio stations at least once but mostly listened to the Blend, a country station some (hence the title!) and one or 2 others……..you can hear a lot of the same songs on different channels! I tend to munch and eat when I’m bored too so that’s not a good thing. The last couple of hours was hard, there seemed to be nothing left to do! Next time I do a road trip I need to make sure to get to the library ahead of time to check out some books on tape.
I had wanted to stop when I got into Mississippi to visit with Jenny but it was dinnertime, she was keeping Mandalyn’s kids and couldn’t get away then. I hope to catch them another time.
I’ve caught up with Idol, a netflix movie and a few other tivo’d things. I judged one bible drill competition last night, got one more tonight. I’m mostly caught up on blog reading (you girls sure write a lot!). And I should probably get all the sewing paraphernalia out of my car before it starts raining again!
Here’s a picture from my lunch with Lynne on Tuesday.

It’s a long trip alone over sand and stone

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  1. Stacy Says:

    Great picture of you guys! I wish I could have had lunch with both of you 🙂

    Hey – I talked to you a bunch while you were on the road, didn’t that help?! And you said the cheerios stuff was good, so I will have to try that snack mix.

    You used the title to my current favorite CD. I have that one, if you want to listen to it sometime. That song and 3 or 4 more are my most played on my iPod. I’m going to get one of his older ones soon from iTunes and some other new music. I’ve been listening to that CD for several months now 🙂 It’s in the car too, so even Tim knows the words to most all of the songs, LOL!

    Stay dry!

  2. Lynne Says:

    I had so much fun meeting you! Hopefully we can do it again if you’re in the neighborhood! And Stacy – I want to be able to meet you too!

  3. jen Says:

    How fun. If you are ever traveling from Nashville to St Louis….I’m right in the middle so let me know and we will do lunch too. I would love to meet a fellow blogger but never have…I’m so glad you two had a nice time. And it broke down your trip. That is a hard trip by yourself.

  4. Karen Says:

    It’s so neat that you and Lynne got to meet one another, and great that you posted a picture of the two of you. It’s like I said to her, only other bloggers would get it, but it’s like sighting two celebrities together:)

  5. Shawna Says:

    I popped over to Lynne’s blog and said hi. She seems sweet. I was thinking the same thing about books on tape when you said you were switching through all the stations. I never have time to listen in the car myself. Scamp has to have the Chipmunks or some other kiddie CD playing. I’m glad you had a good trip!

  6. annie Says:

    How fun! cute picture too. I wish I was on your route! I’d love to meet you irl.

  7. Fresh Girl Says:

    I’m glad you had a good time, if a bit of a boring drive. Good idea to get some books on CD — a good friend of mine is never without one for that very reason.

    And hey, I used to judge Bible drills! Actually, I used to be IN Bible drills…and the youth speakers tournament. 😉

  8. Susanne Says:

    How fun that you got to meet with a bloggy friend!

  9. kreed Says:

    It’s crazy how sometimes those car trips go so fast and sometimes the same trip can seem soooooo long. How fun that you had a good lunch with a fellow blogger, though!

  10. Dawn Says:

    Doesn’t it seem like people blog more when you aren’t around? LOL

  11. Coach Jenny Says:

    I really hate that I couldn’t visit with you, but how fun for you to meet Lynne!
    Glad you are home and can catch up!

  12. Dianne Says:

    Very cool. You look a lot like your sister in that picture 🙂 Glad you had a good safe trip!

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