Yesterday I thought I might try to go through some of the things in my closet and get them out… it seems I’ve read that you should always throw something away if you’re bringing something new in. There’s my problem, I seem to bring plenty of things in without getting rid of something else! And didn’t I also read that a good way is to maybe get rid of 27 things in one short session? If so, I was good there because my pile has 30+ items in it. My closet has both winter and summer things and right now it seemed a bit easier to go through mostly winter stuff. A lot of these I haven’t worn in a year or longer, that’s why I decided to toss them.

My closet is pretty plain, not very organized at all but has lots of things hanging in it!

I sorta hesitate to show this one because I’m not sure you can tell that anything is actually different. I still have another side that needs to be culled through again but here’s what it looks like after I tossed things out.

There is more space on that one side! The hangers aren’t all jammed in there close together but………
this is the pile of stuff I took out that I think I’ll cart off somewhere! It’s not 27 dresses but it is jeans, sweat shirts, sweaters, old wind suits, etc.
Surely this looks like I accomplished something!

Now, I better go put that pile of clothes in a big box or plastic bag. Because if it sits there too long I might decide to keep a few things after all! You know, I might want to wear some of it again even though it hasn’t been worn in more than a year. 😆
Do you keep things longer than that, in case you might want to wear it again? Ok, I’m waffling, better bag it up quick.

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  1. Becky Says:

    Wow! That is progress. Don’t look back.

    I did what they suggest and turned all my hangers around a month ago. They say you wear 20% of your clothes 80% of the time or some such. Of course, I keep telling myself “if I lose 10 pounds, or 20 pounds, I can fit into all the rest of this stuff.”


  2. Heidi Says:

    Great job! I think I can see that there is now some more room in the closet. I know that there is too much stuff in my closet when I run out of hangers. I should never buy more hangers;)

  3. Debi Says:

    Wow, Gail, fabulous job! That really was quite a weeding you did there! Your closet is huge, isn’t it?

  4. Elizabeth Says:

    Good for you. I can tell a difference. Little things add up. Just keep going through things; small tasks at a time so you don’t get overwhelmed.
    …Now…can you organize your hanging clothes by dresses, pants, shirts,etc… I’m just messin’ with you.

  5. Barb @ A Chelsea Morning Says:

    Well, I see a huge difference, Gail. You know, I had this same problem for ages. A few years ago I started a system that works for me. Every spring and every fall, I go through my closet and my drawers and if there’s something in there I haven’t worn in the past year, off to Goodwill it goes. Honestly, if I haven’t worn it in a whole year, I obviously either don’t need it or I just don’t really like it. Works for me.

  6. Stacy Says:

    Wow, that’s a huge difference! Good for you 🙂 I have a hard time throwing stuff out too. I don’t adhere to that, bring 2 things in, throw 2 things out rule. Bawwhaaahhaaaa! 🙂

  7. annie Says:

    Good job!!!

  8. Scratchin' the Surface Says:

    Good for you for going through and mucking out. I’ve read the best time to do that is at the end of a season, so you can see what you really wore. If that’s true, then I really only need one pair of jeans and my favorite black yoga pants!

  9. Dawn Says:

    After all the moving I have done, if I threw away 27 things, I would lose half my wardrobe. =P My favorite closet rule is to hang the hanger “backwards” on the bar — does that make sense? so that instead of just hooking it on the bat, you actually hook it so that hooks on toward you instead of toward the wall — until you actually wear the item of clothing, then you hang it the normal way. And every time you change your clocks forward or back, you look to see what is still hooked on “backwards” and you get rid of it. Obviously things like Winter coats or more formal dresses don’t count. It really works for me!

  10. jen Says:

    I go through my clothes when I bring them out of storage…like at the end of summer pulling down winter clothes…what I haven’t worn in a year goes to Consignment….you would be surprised what you can make at a Consignment Sale and it beats doing a yard sale on a Saturday. But yes….I weed through the clothes I have twice a year…its a pain but my closet doesn’t stay jam packed….also something funny to add…my clothes are organized color and pants and skirts are at one end and shirts and dresses at the other end all color coordinatd….whites to blacks…..go ahead and laugh.

  11. Robin Says:

    I can see a difference for sure! And I definitely need to do the same thing. I have a store in my closet – something in every single size. You know. I might lose weight one of these days. But would I really want to wear something from the 80’s just because I fit into it now? Probably not.

  12. Kim Says:

    Wow! Great job, Gail!
    I usually go through my stuff at the end of winter and the end of summer and end up with a big pile of stuff like that. My rule, which I TRY to adhere to, is if it hasn’t been worn in a year, out it goes. I am a thrift store shopper so because everything is so cheap I tend to bring way more stuff in than I need. I should do the 2 things in, things out rule. My closet looks about 1/2 the size of yours so things are really scrunched up in there. I like the hanger on backwards thing too–never heard of that…hmmm….keep up the good work–want to come up here and motivate me???

  13. Lauren@Baseballs&Bows Says:

    I can see a difference! I have a few things I hold onto for sentimental reasons, but I usually purge my closet every year.

  14. Dianne Says:

    I think that’s a Flylady thing – 27 Fling Boogie – she has one day a month where you go around and pick 27 things to toss. I love to purge. Easier than cleaning!

  15. Coach Jenny Says:

    Way to go!! I need to do that too. I hang on to my faves just in case I lose that extra 10 pounds and can get into it again. I need to just throw it out, and treat myself to something new when I lose those 10 lbs. Who knows when that’s really gonna happen, anyway?

  16. Sonya Says:

    I have never seen so many clothes in my life! LOL!

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