Stacy directed me to this site, a photo meme and I thought it looked fun. So I decided to play today!
February 24, 2006
The theme this week was bedside manner and the assignment is : the inside of your nightstand drawer, a good book you’ve read, your favorite lamp.

Click below to see my entries.

the inside of my nightstand (uh oh, messy)

a book, hard to pick just one!

my lamp:

8 Responses to “Stuff Portrait Fridays”

  1. ZuphChic Says:

    LOVE the lamp…beautiful and sexy!

  2. LeafGirl77 Says:

    Yeah. That lamp rocks. I’m not a girly girl at all, but something about those beads just gets me!!

    Great SPF!

  3. Kami Says:

    Cool lamp!

  4. Ficklechick Says:

    Pretty lamp, I love the shade!

  5. Cheeky Says:

    Oh that was such a great book – I am a huge Grisham fan. Great SPF – I played

  6. Fluttter Says:

    Love the lamp!

    I played!

  7. Elizabeth Says:

    clean out your drawer! it’s been like that since 1982, i think.

  8. Gail Says:

    Whatever Elizabeth! you don’t remember back that far

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