Today there is no love lost between me and this………….

Velcro with a sticky back……….I’m NOT stuck on it but it stuck to everything I didn’t want it to yesterday!

A friend’s family is having a baby girl being born today. I wanted to do some kind of little happy for them so I thought I’d try out something new. I got a sewing book for Christmas, Bend the Rules, and wanted to do the baby bibs. Wrangled for quite some time with the pattern and getting it enlarged but once I got it and fabric together, they really were pretty quick to sew. The directions said to get those snap pliers to fasten snaps on but I decided to get velcro to sew on instead! I usually don’t have problems with it but I got in a hurry I guess when in walmart and didn’t read the package close enough. The back of it said not recommended for fabric. The first piece went on ok but then it was all downhill; the stitches wouldn’t go through, the adhesive really gummed up the needles to where I couldn’t thread them and I went through several needles. Then I tried sewing it on by hand but I’ve never learned to embrace the thimble so my fingers are poked pretty good. I finally dug through my stuff enough to find a “regular” piece of velcro to use for the 3rd bib!
Here’s the finished product

And I backed them with flannel like the directions said

If I do them again, I think I’d like to try chenille for the back. But of course my walmart doesn’t have that and I’ll have to go to a real fabric store to get it and some better velcro! The closest one is about 90 miles from me though…..I probably should make a list and stock up on some things when I go because usually I decide last minute on some project to do.
But what on earth do you use sticky back velcro for if not on fabric? I should probably throw this stuff out, unless someone can tell me some uses for it. Maybe I need to stick to things I already know how to do!

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  1. Judi Says:

    This might sound stupid but I have a trash bag in my car that actually has that velcro with it to stick it in place on your car interior surface. LOL! Cute bibs!

    Go check out Grayson on my blog today. 🙂

  2. Stacy Says:

    Well, I’m no help with the sewing or even the Velcro. The bibs are cute though! I’m so glad you’re liking and using that book, I had hoped you would 🙂

    Come down here and go to the fabric store here. We can hit Target and some other stores too. Or better yet, be sure to come the 6th of March or after when our new mall opens!!!

  3. Robin Says:

    Those are really cute bibs! I’ve been hearing a lot about that book – Bend the Rules – I might have to check into it soon.

    I am making my daughters nursery layette and the directions say to use velcro on the bumper pads to connect them together. The directions said to place them on the fabric and then put a hot iron over the back side of it for 60 seconds using a pressing cloth so you don’t melt the velcro. I thought that was kind of weird because the velcro package didn’t say anything about using heat. I did it and it seems to be really strong. I’m not totally convinced yet though. I am wondering if they sell some kind of velcro that is heat activated.
    I guess the best way to learn is by trial and error!

  4. Lynne Says:

    I used the sticky velcro when I made a bedskirt for Shelby’s bed. I put the velcro on top of the box spring around the edges and also on the top edge of the bedskirt. Then just stick them together. That way I didn’t have to move the mattress.

    The bibs turned out really cute!

  5. Becky Says:

    Oh, Oh, I know the answer to that! I was a teacher. I used sticky velcro for everything. I put one side on a child’s desk and the other side on his desk name tag. I made reading charts with one side of velcro and the tags that go on the charts with the other side of velcro. Laminated stuff of course. Usable over and over and over until I got sick of it.

    I could also safely put things on the classroom door with that velcro. One side on the door, the other side on whatever I laminated that I wanted ON the door.

    So there go.

    I just bought some “Sewing” velcro today. I am making the Butler a Valentine’s present that I will have to post about when I finish. I am also making my friend a little something that I will post. That velcro is wonderful.

    And your bibs are adorable. I have that book! Is that pattern in there? I have a shower to go to tomorrow that I made the blanket for. A couple of bibs would be a nice addition. I’ll have to see if I have time. Thanks for the idea. Cute as can be.

  6. jen Says:

    I know this has nothing to do with your bibs…but I remember that song Stuck on you from when I was a little girl…my momma loved it…thanks for my little trip down memory lane…I’m ready for her to come home.

  7. Karen Says:

    Here’s an idea for sticky velcro, but since you don’t have kids in the house, it might not be a problem. We use it to velcro the remote to the TV! I came up with this idea one day when my hubby, in desperation, DUCT-TAPED the remote to the coffee table because the kids kept losing it. He truly is a very rational man, so this just blew me away. Then, everytime someone moved the coffee table, the remote would point away from the TV, (Don’t ask. My kids are always moving furniture), so I’d have to lug this heavy oak coffee table back into place. The velcro seems to be doing the trick.

  8. annie Says:

    Those are adorable Gail!

  9. Dawn Says:

    You create the most adorable baby items, Gail!

  10. Lynne Says:

    It’s meme time – and you’re tagged! Come over to my blog and find out all about it.

  11. Debi Says:

    Oh Gail, talk about darling! Those bibs are soooo sweet!
    If it makes you feel any better, I’ve done the same thing…trying to sew on the sticky type velcro (because the store was out of the normal stuff). It took my sewing machine a long time to forgive me.

  12. Kara Reed Says:

    Well, they sure turned out cute despite the aggravation they may have caused!

  13. Susanne Says:

    A great idea that isn’t so great in real life, eh?

  14. Sonya Says:

    These are really cute! You did a great job!

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