There’ll be only happy tears..”

This last week or two we’ve had several funerals to attend. One of our friends lost his father, but he’s lived a long life and they’ve rejoiced because he came to know the Lord in the last few years. Another good friend lost their grown son when he took his own life; that was a hard funeral and there were just no words to say. I cannot imagine what they’re going through after it’s all over, yet I think they’re confident of where he is as well. Another friend from church has a grown daughter with cancer who doesn’t have long to live, she’ll leave behind a small child; and we just got a call the other night that an elderly man in our church was in the ER with a massive stroke. He has a living will that they’re going by so it looks like only a matter of time for them as well. We went by the hospital last night to see this man’s wife and family and that was hard for me to see; brought back memories of when my mom had a stroke and passed away. I feel inadequate and am never quite sure what to say; sometimes I think maybe the best thing is just to be there.
We are without a pastor right now at church which makes it difficult when we have these things going on. Hubby is the one they seem to be calling right, chairman of deacons and he’s on the committee that’s searching for a new one. So he’s been rather busy too in addition to a regular job.
It’s also raining again here today and that must make me a bit more melancholy too. I’m desperately seeking sunshine but none is in my immediate future!
One of my married girls has me working on some stuff to embroider for a gift for one of her friends though, so if I can get back to it that might keep me busy enough to forget about the rain. One thing is finished and turned out cute…..now I’ve got to finish the other and get them in mail because next week, ugh, jury duty starts for me!
I’ve had fun joining in the bloggy giveaways but had way more response than I ever thought. And for the ones of you I “know” and entered, you blessed me with your kindness! I wish I had them for everyone that entered.
Lynne was also kind enough to give me this recently as well

Y’all are all just about the best bloggy friends ever and are always so kind to me! What fun this is to do and get to know so many other people!
Hope you’re having a good day, where ever you are!

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  1. Carrie Says:

    Awww, this time of year always seems to bring *the rain*, in more ways than one. My Granddaddy (Dad’s Dad)died this past Christmas morning. He didn’t want a funeral or even an obituary written … we weren’t close, but it still puts life in perspective a little more. I hope the sun shines for you soon (((HUGS))

  2. Stacy Says:

    Well, I absolutely love that Brad Paisley song, it always gets me all choked up. I even bought the whole CD because of it 🙂

    Sorry about all of the funerals. It’s never an easy time, but I agree, this time of year it is probably harder. And I’m always reminded of Dodie too. That was a hard time for all of us. I still hate even going to a hospital, it reminds me of mom.

    It’s dreary here too. The time of year when I believe it’s easy to get SAD- seasonal whatever it’s called. We need the sun and rays of light and Vitamin D and all that stuff 🙂

    Glad you’re getting a good response on your giveaway, I KNEW you would! Those crayon holders are so cute, I’ll have to get you to make me one, one day! Oh, and an apron too, please, LOL!

  3. Lauren@Baseballs&Bows Says:

    I am sorry you are dealing with so many situations of loss and struggle at the same time! I hope you will get some sunshine soon to help brighten your mood. It’s amazing what a difference the weather can make on our attitude (at least is does mine)!

  4. Fresh Girl Says:

    As a PK, I know what it’s like dealing with so much loss and grief at once. It’s so good that your husband is looked upon as someone people can call on during those times.

  5. Karen Says:

    Hope you get some sunshine soon, in more ways than one. I love the song you chose. It’s so uplifting, I think. Your husband sounds like a very special man.

  6. Becky Says:

    Such sorrow in this life. Praise God there will be none in the next.

  7. kreed Says:

    Sounds like a pretty rough week or so…I hope the sun comes out soon!

  8. Debi Says:

    Oh Gail…((((((HUGE HUGS))))))

    What a tough couple of weeks, for sure! But I think you’re right, just being there means so much to all these friends. Do take take care of yourself, too, Gail! And I hope you find a bright sunshiny day sooner than you think!

  9. annie Says:

    It really does seem like funerals come bunched together! They are never “fun” to attend, but I always come away with a powerful message and just a desire to be a better person if that makes sense?

  10. Dawn Says:

    This song always makes me think of my Gramp…

  11. Sonya Says:

    Rain does tend to make me rather melancholy. I either want to sleep or cry! LOL!

    It seems that lots of people are having heart attacks lately. I’ve noticed so many since my MIL had her attack a few weeks ago. It’s one of those things we never expected to happen to her. It seems that either heart attacks or cancer continues to claim so many people. Every where you turn, someone you know has some form of cancer.

    As for not having a pastor, that is tough on a church. My MIL is going through the same thing at their church. Hang in there. God has someone for that position!

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