A little over a week ago, we were getting ready for a party to be given at our house. (I’ll write more on that later) A friend and I got some of the decorations ready ahead of time and part of the centerpiece for the table included red and silver Hershey’s kisses! She told Don to be sure not to eat them! And he quickly told her that I would be the one to worry about (how well he knows me!). One night before the party I sat down to relax in front of the tv, wanted something to eat and knowing I couldn’t eat any of the kisses, I decided to eat some Valentine sweet tarts instead. They were really good and I had forgotten that I liked them so much. One was extremely hard and I couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t bite it in two! When I took it out, it wasn’t a sweet tart at all but part of my tooth! Yikes! That was a Friday night and I had to be careful of it all weekend. On Monday I went to let the dentist look at it and he put a temporary fix on it and said I would have to come back later to get a crown. As it turned out, they got to me the very next day; so on Tuesday last week, I got a temporary crown put on. I still have to be somewhat careful of this one and will go back in a couple of weeks to get the permanent crown. I think he also said that there might have been a partial crack on the tooth and something behind the filling that also had weakend the tooth and contributed to the break. So maybe the sweet tarts weren’t the only cause of it. But, now only a week later, I decided to eat sweet tarts again! I think it’s probably not very smart and I am trying not to bite right into them but suck on them first. And I am using the other side of my mouth instead of the side that had the break on it. But, I’m wondering, maybe I should learn something from my mistake and not eat them again?

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  1. Stacy Says:

    ACK! Don’t eat the Sweet Tarts! Don’t eat the Sweet Tarts! Silly girl, don’t break the same one or another one. Put them down, run to the store, and buy yourself a bag of Hershey’s kisses 🙂

    Hope it gets better soon.. when do you go back for the permanent one?

  2. Suzanne Says:

    I disagree, sweet tarts are good, it’s not that, but your teeth and gums, etc. in your mouth. Did you inherit your fathers bad teeth? Or your mothers?

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