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It’s your turn to pick who the next celebrities will be on Dancing With The Stars. Who will you choose?

I’ll pick Katie Couric, Jeff Probst, Bruce Willis, Lance Armstrong, Susan Lucci, Michelle Kwan…….

who do you pick?

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  1. Elizabeth Says:

    Those celebrities are too popular to do the show.

  2. Stacy Says:

    Good picks, I like those too and would love to see them on DWTS. But alas, Elizabeth is probably correct, they are too “big” to be on that show. Still doesn’t mean we can’t hope though!

    I have no idea who I would pick… I would have never picked Lisa Rinna but I really thought she was great, and I love watching her every week. Still sad that she didn’t make it through to the finals.

  3. Gail Says:

    Lisa was ripped off! And yes, I agree with Elizabeth but I couldn’t think of any ones that aren’t as popular now to pick. Kind of like, “out of sight, out of mind.”

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