This week will be busy for us so I probably shouldn’t try to do menus! We had at least one meal last week that I didn’t get to so if needed, it’ll be used this time.

Monday…..we have a Sunday school party, I’m taking chicken tenders and maybe hash brown potato casserole (there will be lots of other food I don’t have to cook!)
Wednesday…church supper
Thursday….hubby’s birthday! I don’t know yet if I’ll cook or if we’re going out
Friday….Monterrey chicken, carryover meal from last week

I kind of like having short weeks of cooking, but the eating out isn’t so good for me. 😆
Be sure to visit Laura’s place because the other participants will have real menus with much better ideas!

3 Responses to “Menu Plan Monday”

  1. Stacy Says:

    Yum, I haven’t had hash brown potato casserole in years and years. I bet it will be great 🙂 Definitely take him out for his birthday – you can bring him here to Chili’s so he can get his molten lava cake for dessert, hehehe!

  2. jen Says:

    Sounds good to me…..Happy Birthday to hubby this week.

  3. Sandra Says:

    Gail your menu sounds great, thanks for sharing 🙂

    I love hashbrown casserole 🙂

    Mine is up too!


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