My youngest son loves to make videos and short things for fun with his friends. Some are silly and funny, a few have been different. I like most everything he does! But I’m his mama so I might be just a wee bit prejudiced. Most recently he’s been doing them for a bible study group that he meets with weekly….not sure how they use them, maybe just to segue from one thing to another. The first one he did for this group is one I particularly liked…..I liked seeing the escalator from a distance and the feet shot from the floor. He and one of his roommates are seen from behind at the end, D is on the right. I’m being totally indulgent today showing this but here’s his promo video for the bible study. (only about 1 &1/2 min)

10 Responses to ““Slow down you move too fast…””

  1. Debi Says:

    That was beautiful, Gail! That is definitely one talented fellow you’ve got there!

  2. Robin Says:

    My goodness – this boy has some talent! That was really great!

  3. Stacy Says:

    Good one, we’ll have to tell him the next time we see him. I even know all of those places he videographed 🙂

  4. Lauren@Baseballs&Bows Says:

    That was great! He has talent!

  5. Becky Says:

    Oh, I love that! Such powerful words in a super busy world. Watching that makes me think…”Gosh, do we even notice each other?” Life is so busy and it is too easy to get so caught up in it that you forget the most important thing about it…GOD!!! Thanks for sharing this! You have a very talented son!

  6. Kara Reed Says:

    That was really cool…I must admit I wasn’t sure where it was going at first (I can be a little slow), but it was really a neat concept!

  7. Kellan Says:

    This was great! My teenage twins (girls) love to make videos too and I love what these kids come up with. BTW, I’m Kellan – nice to meet you.

  8. Sandra Says:

    That was just beautiful, they did an amazing job capturing the craziness and hectic lives that we allow ourselves to get into.

  9. Shawna Says:

    Very impressive. I loved it.

  10. dianne Says:

    That is very cool. I clicked on it b/c the song reminded me of 4th grade, when i first heard that song (the BIG 5th graders performed for 5th grade night!) Always like that song. But that video is just awesome. So thought provoking.

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