Several of you commented that you wanted to see what I bought when I went shopping last week. I’m sad to say that I found nothing, absolutely nothing! I had a great time being with Stacy and going in different stores but for some reason I just couldn’t find anything worth getting. We went to Hattiesburg on Saturday to see our Dad and sister Suzanne who’d flown in to visit him for a few days so went spent the day there. We all went out to lunch at Leatha’s, a barbecue place that’s been written about several times, including Southern Living. We had fun doing that but I don’t have pictures from there because my camera battery died. So I did buy a battery Saturday and a jug of detergent but I don’t think those really count for a shopping trip! This morning I decided to go to a neighboring town to look around a little bit and today, well today was A Horse of a Different Color!

I went to a fabric store first……..I know that doesn’t interest most of you but I was excited about what I got. Maybe this will be finished later this week and I’ll show it to you all done. Can you tell what it might be? Probably not! 😆

Then I went to Belk to look around. I found a t-shirt kind of top on sale and thought maybe it would do ok with jeans and anything casual.

I was looking for something to wear with brown dress pants for church but everything I could find went with black! I seem to wear black pants or skirt to church every.single.sunday…….how many Sundays in a row can I do that? I got these 2 tops and they both will go with black…….I know I probably overdid it with red but this one is a sweater vest and more dressy than that one above!

When I checked out, that red sweater vest was way less than the $25 sign on the rack…it was 8.99! For that price I figured I should get another one! I’d tried the same style on in green but it was more of a sweater than sweater vest…..rats, it wasn’t as cheap as 8.99 but it was still only about 17 so I decided to get it after I’d already checked out.

I think the green one could go with pants or jeans and with jeans/boots it could be a little dressier than just wearing a t-shirt top. I’m rationalizing I know and I overdid it with the same style but there seemed to be tons of these and I’ll wear them for different times/occasions. Maybe I’ll end up taking one of the tops back, not sure yet. Still didn’t find any pants or jeans but hopefully on another day I will; I seemed to be zeroed in on tops today. One of the reasons I like these so well, they don’t have long sleeves or really long sleeves! I just don’t ever really like wearing long sleeves unless it’s very cold out! If I’m around the house and have on a long sleeve shirt, I usually wear my sleeves pushed up to around my elbow…….not sure why I do that. Except I’m only 5’4″ so usually anything with long sleeves is waaaay too long for my arms and needs to be altered. But I hate trying to alter something. These are either 3/4 length or almost to my wrist so I won’t be pushing them up constantly! Now if the temperature goes below 80 anytime soon, I’ll have some shirts to wear!

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  1. Shawna Says:

    Sounds like a fun trip. A new Belk just opened up here. I browsed but didn’t buy anything. Those tops are cute. I really like the green one. And I love long sleeves that go past my wrist and cover part of may hand. It makes me feel warm because I’m usually cold!

  2. Stacy Says:

    Ooh, I wish I had been with you today, you found tons of cute stuff! Were those at Belk or somewhere else (email me and let me know!) I like all of those and might want to go get some for ME! We would just need to coordinate so we didn’t wear the same thing, hehehe 🙂

    I am still looking for something to wear with my new brown pants too. I have a lot of black too, but am trying to branch out. I recently got grey pants and brown pants and am fine with the grey ones, because most everything that I have that goes with black looks pretty good with them too. The brown I’m still working on though 🙂

    Hey, it’s supposed to be a lot cooler the middle of this week, so you can wear all your new stuff then!

  3. Becky Says:

    Oh, I love the shirts you got. Don’t take any of them back! 🙂 I do think the green one would look great with brown! And, I love red!!! You just can’t overdo red!
    Glad you had a good time on your trip!

  4. Karen Says:

    I like all of your choices, but I love a nice, tailored blouse. The fabric is so cute! I can’t wait to see what you come up with:)

  5. Tammy Says:

    What a great shopping trip this time! 🙂

    And I almost forgot about Belk…we don’t have them here in the west, but when we moved to VA 12 years ago for awhile, I first saw this store…and I remember thinking the name was so funny! But they are pretty nice store! 🙂

  6. Dawn Says:

    Are you still that warm up there? It’s been topping out around 75 here the last few days. Heaven, I tell you!

  7. Becky Says:

    Oh, I wish I had some sense of fashion and cared enough to shop for it. When it is time to get dressed in the morning (if I get dressed in the morning – often I put on my walking clothes and since I am not going anywhere else but for a walk, I stay in them until I take a bath and put my pjs on at night. I am hopeless when it comes to this stuff.)

    Anyway, when I get dressed in the morning I go to the closet and literally pull the next thing in line off of the rack. Or out of the drawer.

    If I need a new shirt I go into a store, pick 4 of the same color off the shelf and check out.

    We are a casual church and I cannot even tell you the last time I wore anything but jeans and a t-shirt to worship.

    I am a mess.

  8. Becky Says:

    Oh, but i should say that your choices are lovely. See, if you were here you could do this for me. Maybe I’d look good if you did.

  9. Sonya Says:

    I love the tops! I need to go shopping for some of those!

  10. jen Says:

    I need to go shopping too. I wear the same things always. All my girlfriends are so up on the latest fashions and then there is me….who never shops for myself…..I may hit some stores tomorrow…you inspired me.

  11. Debi Says:

    Now that certainly looks like a successful day of shopping! I’d MUCH rather go to the fabric store to shop than the clothing store myself. The only problem with fabric stores is the damage to the wallet…and I rarely even sew anymore.

  12. Dawn P Says:

    Cute cute tops! I want to go shopping now 😉

  13. Robin Says:

    What excellent buys! I am not a shopper but I love when I have shopping trips like yours! I love all the tops you got. I always wear a black skirt on Sundays too – I figure if you change the tops every week it always looks new and different.
    I would love to go shopping with you – wouldn’t it be fun to have a bloggy shopping day together!

  14. Carrie Says:

    Very cute! Love the green one! I bought 2 of the same shirts but in different colors (one red and one that same green, LOL) the other day. I was going to buy the red one and it was Buy One get The Other for .99 … I couldn’t pass that up. I’m not fond of having the same thing in several colors, but a deal’s a deal, LOL!

  15. kreed Says:

    Well at least you made up for not buying anything on your other trip…looks like you got some great stuff this time!

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