Our little Grayson turned 5 recently, his mom and dad planned a party for him this past Saturday. So hubby and I flew to Texas on Friday to spend the weekend visiting with the kids, and going to a party of course! I hadn’t seen the little ones since the first of June so I was more than ready for that, got some good hugs too. The party was Saturday afternoon, with some of Trent and Shanna’s friends and their kids. They got one of those big bouncy things for all the kids to jump on….did you know that they’ll bring them to your house, set it up and come back again to get it the next day? Pretty handy. This one was a sports related one with some baskets on the inside for shooting balls in…..

These things are fairly big!

All the kids had to wear socks while inside jumping

It was still hot in TX this weekend and they got red-faced fast being inside this thing

The birthday boy

They took water breaks during the hottest part of the day

What’s a party without food! Pizza, chips, hot dogs, drinks….oh and we did have a big salad made like Olive Garden’s salad, yummy!

And o we had birthday cake with ice cream…..don’t tell but I had another piece later that night.

It was a quick trip, glad we were able to fly out for Grayson’s birthday! It’s especially fun for me to see my kids with their couple friends, they have sweet friends with cute kids and I love getting to see them interact with others in their home. Does a mama’s heart good!
“Let’s all celebrate and have a good time.”

14 Responses to ““There’s a Party goin’ on right here””

  1. annie Says:

    What a fun birthday party. I’m glad you had such a nice time!

  2. jen Says:

    How fun…I’m so glad you got to see them all. Birthdays are so special…..

  3. Dawn P Says:

    Ahhh looks like a great party! Glad you guys were able to fly out and enjoy time with your family!

  4. Becky Says:

    Ceeeeeel a brate good times, come on!

    Woo Hoo that looks like fun. Cake and ice cream and bouncy house in 105 degrees! Hehehe. Gotta love the fact that kids never notice.

    I am so glad you got to see the kids. And I don’t know for sure, but I can imagine that seeing your grown, married kids raising their own and opening their own homes to their dear friends must be so rewarding.

  5. Bev Says:

    What wonderful pictures and what a great looking party. Glad you hear you got to go and had such a wonderful time.


  6. motomom Says:

    I’m sure the day was all the more special because you were there, what a gift to you both.

  7. Stacy Says:

    They look like they were having so much fun! I see so much of T in Grayson 🙂 I’m glad he had a big birthday party, looks like fun. And yeah for a football cake, atta boy Grayson! 🙂

  8. JennaG Says:

    What a blessing to be able to do that! I hope B and I will be able to do things like that–actually, I am praying that none of my kids will up and leave us! The nerve…

  9. Carrie Says:

    Awww, what fun! Sweet pictures! Family time sure is the *good stuff*! I know you would have liked to stay longer, though!

  10. Elizabeth Says:

    Looks like the kids had a lot of fun and sounds like you and Dad did too. Glad ya’ll got to go out there for that. What did you get Grayson?

  11. Debi Says:

    Oh Gail, I’m so glad you all could fly out to celebrate with Grayson! Made his birthday extra special.

    I so love it when you post your family pictures! Gosh, but you’ve got a pile a cutie-pie grandbabies!

    Sounds like Grayson and Max must be almost exactly the same age, huh?

  12. Lauren@Baseballs&Bows Says:

    That looks like so much fun! I knew your trip should be happening about now, but I didn’t want to ask about it on your blog in case you didn’t want to say you were going out-of-town. I bet the kids (and adults) had so much fun!

  13. Stacy (the other one) Says:

    Looks like such a fun day! I’m glad that you were able to be there to celebrate with them!!

  14. Coach J Says:

    I know you had a good time! I think it’s wonderful that you guys can “up and fly” over there!! And, that bouncy thing is way cool!!
    I won’t tell anybody ’bout that second piece of cake, but I will say that I would have done the exact same thing! I knew I liked you 😉

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