We got off track with meals here last week because plans kept changing almost daily! Hubby had to go out of town to work and talked me into coming with him so we weren’t here much last week. Maybe it’s good to have a plan even if you can’t always stick to it, it’s something to shoot for. No plans to be gone this week so for right now this is sorta what I’m planning…….

Monday…….baked fish, sesame green beans
Tuesday……chicken, pasta, veggies
Wednesday…church supper
Thursday…..Tomato zucchini tart, corn, salad
Friday…..hamburgers, we’re having a big function at church for kids & youth so we’ll be helping with that meal there

Thanks Laura for hosting us each week!

10 Responses to “Menu Plan Monday”

  1. Stacy Says:

    Sounds like a good week to me! I love fish and sesame green beans, wish the rest of my household liked fish 🙂

  2. Carrie Says:

    Sounds good, Gail! Have a good week!

  3. Coach J Says:


  4. annie Says:

    Hey Gail!
    Your menu looks yummy, I am going to look at the recipe for sesame green beans, sounds great!
    Happy Monday!

  5. Sonya Says:

    I’ve never had a tart and I wonder if this would go over in my house….hmmm, maybe I’ll make that this week! Thanks for sharing! Everything sounds yummy!

  6. And Miles To Go.... Says:

    wow, I love everything you chose this week!! Delicious!

  7. dianne Says:

    Mmmm the tomato zucchini thing sounds wonderful!

  8. Karen (mommy of three) Says:

    Sounds great Gail! I might have to try those green beans:-) Happy Monday!!

  9. jen Says:

    I cant wait for our Wednesday night suppers at church to start back up. We eat with friends weekly…and love it.

  10. Debi Says:

    Rich would never eat it (he’s zucchini-phobic), but I think that tomato zucchini tart sounds awfully tasty!

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