“All the time….”

When I wrote my post about the tv give away, several of you commented about the title/song title….which you know, SO totally made my day! I love it when you get it or like it and I was pretty amused by the title too. Debi emailed me and when I told her I had that song on my iPod, I think she was sorta surprised by it! Stacy probably already thinks I’m wacky, she helped me get the song for the iPod if I remember correctly and Jenny might be thinking I’m wacky now too after meeting me. But I like music, lots and lots of different kinds of music too…..I guess I’m very eclectic in my tastes although that might be stating it nicely.
Several of you have also commented about me coming up with titles for my posts, they aren’t always music/lyrics but lots of them are. Sometimes these things just run around in my head, sometimes I really struggle to come up with anything that fits. I will do searches for things and most times I end up with something totally different than what I was originally looking for. I think lots of times most people don’t recognize what song I’ve use. Occasionally I use nursery rhymes, sayings, other things like that. But I do “love it when a plan comes together”……bonus points if you know what that’s from!
I showed you my iPod/dock in a previous post…..

Here are some of the things I listen to……

*Classical music, because I can be klassy if I wanna be! I like Aaron Copland and the Vivaldi Four Seasons cds.
*Broadway music/soundtracks….I LOVE it! (Stacy not so much) Les Mis, Phantom of the Opera, Annie Get Your Gun and Jersey Boys are some of my favs.
*TINA! I have lots and lots of Tina music and probably listen to it the most….unh uh, betcha most of you didn’t know that. I can be a little bit rock and roll
*Carrie Underwood, Martina McBride, Faith Hill…..because I can be a little bit country
*Worship music… newest is the Monk & Neagle cd I’m enjoying, I have a Living Proof live cd, Rocketown Worship collection plus a few more
*Harry Connick, Josh Groban, Frank Sinatra……love all those albums I have
*John Mayer, Continuum…..really like that cd
*Mute Math……oooh have you heard of them! I have a cd of worship stuff of theirs with Love Song and King of Glory on it

Don’t Cha Wish Your Girlfriend Was Hot Like Me….Pussycat Dolls
Can You Keep Up…..Destiny’s Child
Fix You…..Coldplay
I Will Follow You Into the Dark….Death Cab for Cutie (Stacy doesn’t know them!)
100 Years…..Five for Fighting
Black Horse and the Cherry Tree…….KT Tunstall

What do you listen to?

8 Responses to ““Oh, oh, oh, listen to the music””

  1. Coach J Says:

    Oh, oh, I think I know!! Is it from the A-Team?? I get the bonus points for today! 🙂 And since getting the iPod shuffle, I’m in up to my ears trying to decide which songs I want on there. I like 70s rock and early 80’s rock. But I don’t like Tina too much–you’re so right; I never would have guessed that about you!
    I don’t think your wacky–I love you!! 😉 You’re great!

  2. Karen Says:

    I’m fairly eclectic in that I listen to a bit of everything. Mostly country — but I love the old time Sinatra, Nat King Cole, even Andy Williams! Next, I would have to say classical, but I enjoy it more with a live orchestra than recorded, so I don’t get a lot of opportunities there.

    I also wanted to mention, I love the cover of the Beverly Lewis book on your side bar. How was the book? The picture of the young girl just grabs my eye everytime I come over here.

  3. Stacy (the other one) Says:

    I listen to a lot of the stuff you listen too. I love mixing it up!! Have you listened to Marc Broussard?? He’s a little like Harry, but more blues…I love his style!

  4. annie Says:

    You do listen to quite a variety of music. I get stuck on one cd and play it over and over and over! and then move on to the next one :).
    I love Beth Nielson Chapman and Eva Cassidy!
    and am also enjoying the Monk & Neagle CD!

  5. Carrie Says:

    I knew I liked you! I’m a music junkie, too! I usually recognize all your title songs. Don’t feel bad, LOL, I have the entire Pussycat Doll CD … and it’s on my iPod, LOL!

  6. jen Says:

    I bet you enjoy the Singing Bee……I love this show. Did you watch the episode on the I Pod last night on Dateline? Crazy. Madison has a MP 3 player and so wants an I Pod…she is only 10 and I’m just not sure she is responsible enough yet…

  7. Debi Says:

    Wow…I used to think my playlist was ecclectic…now I think it’s pretty darn boring! (It ranges from the Four Tops and Smokey Robinson to Poison and Collective Soul to the Dixie Chicks and Mary Chapin Carpenter to the Grassroots and John Hiatt, etc., etc., etc.)

  8. Stacy Says:

    Very eclectic and I definitely don’t share your devotion to Broadway musicals and Tina. I do love country music though and that’s most of what I listen to. And Harry and Michael Buble. And others, but not nearly as widely varied as you. 🙂

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