A couple of weeks ago I was able to go visit my kids in Texas. I had a fun time and got lots of hugs around my neck from these little cuties!

No menu planning for me this week and I won’t have as much time to visit you all. I’m going to see this other cutie pie in North Carolina:

Maybe I’ll get more hugs! And pictures too I bet. I love them bunches!
I’ll check in when I can. Have a great Monday!

17 Responses to ““I Love You a Bushel and a Peck and a Hug Around the Neck””

  1. Stacy Says:

    Well, you know I love those pictures! You should have titled it “Leaving on a Jet Plane”, since you’re flying all over the country, seeing your kids and grandkids. Lucky duck 🙂

    Gray’s hair is so cute in that cut and of course, the girls are adorable. Bet you’ll have tons of Katelyn to post when you get back!

  2. Debi Says:

    Oh Gail, what wonderful photos! Soooo sweet! And you look like you should be their mama, not their grandma!

  3. Lynne Says:

    Sweet adorable babies! Have a wonderful visit and bring back lots of pictures!

    Debi is right – you don’t look like a grandmom!

  4. annie Says:

    What adorable pics Gail!!! I don’t know that I’ve seen your pic before, it’s nice to put a face to the friend 🙂
    You’re very pretty btw.

  5. amy Says:

    what precious pictures!

  6. kreed Says:

    Too cute! And I agree with Debi– I would have pegged you as mom, not grandma in those pictures!

  7. Lauren@Baseballs&Bows Says:

    Your grandkids are adorable! Have a great trip!

  8. Carrie Says:

    Gail! You just made my night! My Mom used to sing that song to me when I was a little girl and it has stuck with me all these years! :o)

    Loved the pictures! You are so pretty and look quite darn young to be a Grandma! Enjoy those precious little ones!!

  9. Becky Says:

    Have fun. I’ll be gone awhile myself. I won’t be back until mid-July. Enjoy!

  10. Karen Says:

    The song brings back memories for me, too:)

    Grandma??! No way!

  11. Coach J Says:

    Yea, I’ve only seen a few pics of you, and I’d forgotten what you looked like. I can say, you are glowing in these pictures!! (Wonder why???) It’s a great thing to be able to go visit your kids and grandchildren. Enjoy your time in NC!

  12. Stacy (the other one) Says:

    They are so cute! I can tell that you are all related.

  13. Dawn Says:

    My but those are some adorable grandbabies you have. =)

  14. Judi Says:

    What sweet photos! I can see why you loved being with them!

  15. jen Says:

    Such sweet pictures…….I know you love to be with them…..I can see it in your eyes…….

  16. Susanne Says:

    They are the sweetest little things. Great photos! And look how happy they are to be with you!

  17. sherry Says:

    I just wanted to say that my grandma always sang that to me, “I love you a bushel and a peck” 😀


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