“Down here all the fish is happy”

Last week I wrote that I would fix tilapia one night and a couple of people asked me about it, and what it was! Sometimes I take it for granted that things are the same in all parts of the country or world and it may not always be that way. We eat a LOT of fish and I also forget that other people don’t! When I was visiting with my kids in Texas a few weeks ago Shanna & Trent told me about a bag of tilapia they had bought at Sam’s, already seasoned & ready to bake. You can put it in the oven straight from the freezer and it’s done in about 20 minutes, my kind of thing when I need something quick! I went to Sam’s with Stacy last week and we each bought a bag to try out. I baked a couple of pieces the other night for out supper and we both liked it. Don even commented several times that it was good! I’ve bought tilapia before but he usually doesn’t like it as well as some other kinds of fish so this is a nice alternative to have occasionally. I’ll also try it on bread or buns for sandwiches, Trent said it makes good fish sandwiches!
Click through if you want the pics!

I forgot to see how big the bag is and it didn’t show up in this shot but it has about a dozen pieces in it I think.

Put it in a stoneware, just because that’s what was the handiest to pull out that day!

And in about 15-20 minutes it was ready to eat……

I believe it’s also a possibility that I could fix this as a fish sandwich and my fish hater non-fish eater Liz would even eat this!
It’ll be handy to have in the freezer for days when it’s almost dinnertime and I have nothing fixed.
Parmesan crusted tilapia, try it out sometime if you ever get to Sam’s.

“Under the sea, Darling it’s better, down where it’s wetter, take it from me.”

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  1. Becky Says:

    We love tilapia at our house. We eat it once a week. Our favorite way to fix the plain tilapia (not already spiced and seasoned) is dipped in milk, dredged in corn meal, salt, and pepper, and fried – quickly – in a frying pan. Total prep is about 2 minutes and total cooking time is about 4 minutes.

    Not only that, but with them being in individual packages, if you forget to defrost something for dinner, you can put the packages in a bowl full of cold water for about 15 minutes and they are ready to go.

    I’ll have to try the spiced up version sometime.

  2. Carrie Says:

    Too funny that you post about Tilapia just now! Maybe an hour ago, I was in Bi-Lo grabbing a few things and saw Tortilla Chip Crusted Tilapia in the Seafood Department. I’ve never had Tilapia but have heard it’s a mild fish that fish haters love. I only like Flounder and was telling my husband that we should try Tilapia one night. All that … about an hour ago, LOL! ESP?! Glad y’all enjoyed it!

  3. amy Says:

    We love tilapia but we have never bought is seasoned..We have bought it stuffed with crab meat from our grocery store..Yummy!

  4. Southern Girl Says:

    Next to salmon, tilapia is my favorite kind of fish to eat at home! We buy a bag of it at Sam’s all the time, only we get the naked kind. I imagine it already dressed ups the WW points. Plain, one piece is just two points. I usually season it and then broil it or I grill it on my George Foreman grilling machine. It’s delicious either way!

    I might have to spring for that parmesan encrusted kind just once though. Goodness knows I love my parmesan. 😉

  5. Claire Says:

    “Up on the shore they work all day, out in the sun they slave away.” I LOVE tilapia. I think it’s my favorite. These look really good and would be great for me to have around. May have to check this out the next time I get to go to Sam’s, which is probably a long time away. Kroger’s frozen kind is good, too but it’s not preseasoned.

  6. Stacy Says:

    Yep, it looks good, even though it was a bit pricey ($9.77 for the 2.5 lb bag at our store). I have these on my menu for next week, as fish sandwiches. I love fish and could it 2-3 times a week, but Tim has gone all non-fish-eating on me lately. He said he would try these on a bun, as a fish sandwich. You know, as long as he has mayo or tartar sauce and tons of bread to hide the flavor of the fish!

    I don’t have a fancy schmancy stoneware, so I’ll have to do mine on a regular ole metal sheetpan. 🙂 Great pictures!

  7. Dawn Says:

    Mmmmm. Sounds delicious. I love fish.

    Under the sea
    Under the sea
    Nobody beat us
    Fry us and eat us
    In fricassee
    We what the land folks loves to cook
    Under the sea we off the hook
    We got no troubles
    Life is the bubbles
    Under the sea

  8. Debi Says:

    Yep, I do think fish hater should give it a try.

  9. kreed Says:

    I am so looking for that fish – I love to eat fish, but don’t love to prepare and cook it. I think you just solved my problem!

  10. Coach J Says:

    I’m lovin’ this Little Mermaid theme you’ve got goin’ and Dawn just cracked me up! I like Tilapia, too, but I’ve never cooked it at home. If I can get Mandalyn to go to Sams for me, I’ll have her pick some up and try it!

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