This might be a case of that old thing, “be careful what you wish for.”
So what do you get when you have this:

and then you mix it with more:

You might get something……..

that looks like a big ole dirty mess! After 4 big truckloads of dirt my yard now looks like this:

Yep, it looks like a dirty rotten mess to me…….oh wait, hubby might be calling it an improvement! We have some low places and holes/ruts in the yard and I did say we needed to get some dirt to fill it all in but this wasn’t exactly what I had in mind! I didn’t know he’d get big truckloads full of dirt and then a big tractor that came and pushed it all around! Maybe I should have thought about it more. And for some reason it has attracted the little girls in the neighborhood, I even saw them laying down in it like you would to make a snow angel. We called it dirt angels! I think we’ll have to water it some now to help the grass grow through it all and maybe it’ll keep the kids from digging in it so much. I didn’t get the picture to show that it goes over to the edge of our carport so I’m thinking that if it does rain……it may wash all through the carport, ick.
I don’t know, I still think it looks like a mess but I guess time will tell!

15 Responses to ““Dirty Rotten Scoundrels””

  1. Elizabeth B. Says:

    wow. nice improvement. a yard full of dirt. the yard does need evening up though.

  2. Stacy Says:

    Wow, that’s a lot of dirt! I hope the tractor didn’t rut up your yard. Better start watering it in! 🙂

  3. Tim Says:

    Have you been playing in the dirt too?

  4. Karen Says:

    What a great big, wonderful yard you have! I’ll bet the grass will grow through in no time. I love the idea of “dirt angels”. How cute! We’ve been told we need to do something similar, to “raise” the lawn because we have tree roots coming up. We throw a little dirt out there each year, but not enough because the aerating guy refuses to do our yard anymore. Too rough on his machines. Oh, well, it looks green, that’s good enough for me.

  5. JennaG Says:

    I’m with Karen–I bet the grass grows through quickly–especially if we would ever get some rain! You really should consider a fun Memphis weekend. We enjoy Graceland and the Zoo–not to mention the Peabody Hotel where you can see the geese. Fun.

  6. Dawn Says:

    i don’t know about watering it to keep the little girls away. kids seem to be magnetically drawn to things that make messes — the bigger, the better! mud might have its own special appeal! 😉

  7. Dawn P Says:

    Ok living and growing up in the country…your back yard looks fun!!! Just wait until it rains….mud fights…hehe

  8. Stacy (the other one) Says:

    See, I’m with you. If that was my yard, I would feel like it was a mess right now (my yard just got new sod in the front on Monday, so I can easily relate…mud everywhere!!!) But, once that grass pops through…BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

  9. Barb Says:

    No no no. He did the right thing. The only other way to fix a yard that isn’t level is to rip it all up and start over. This will work and with enough watering and patience, your yard will be beautiful again before you know it. Promise!

  10. annie Says:

    ugh. we need to do that. maybe when the kids are gone, can’t face the tracking in :o).
    It’s bad enough that they invited the neighborhood to swim this weekend and gave out every towel I had. Yep, every last one. good stuff!

  11. Dianne Says:

    I think you’ll be happy, once everything grows in. You gotta have vision to do something like this and you obviously do!

  12. Nancy Carson Says:

    It looks like dirt to me. If it looks like dirt, smells like dirt, and feels like dirt…then it must be dirt! Please show us an “after” picture when the grass grows.

  13. CoachJ Says:

    Yea, believe it or not, I feel like this every year while hubby is out tilling for the garden, but I just love all that hard work paying off with veggies in the freezer! You’ll have a beautiful yard very soon, and you do have a huge yard!! We’re actually going to do this in our back yard very soon.

  14. Susanne Says:

    Lots of dirt there! :v)

    You have a beautiful huge yard though!

  15. Suzanne Says:

    throw some seed down get you lots of sprinklers and hose connecters and get to work !!

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