Last week at the end of our weekend with the family, we celebrated Mother’s day a bit! We went to church in Jackson with Don’s sister, all her family, his mom and a couple of our kids. The church they go to now has 3 services, we picked the 9:30 one so we could all eat dinner together afterwards. It’s a big contemporary, newer church and we enjoyed being there. Ate at an Italian place for lunch and they brought the moms a dessert and out of the ones we sampled, I’d have to say I liked the tiramisu the best! But I would have picked that to eat anyway!
We gave gifts to my MIL at dinner…..she got clothes from some, a blouse I think was another and some books. My kids gave me a couple of things too. The youngest 2 got me Bath and Body products, always fun to have. Another gave me something I wasn’t familiar with, an Er’Go soy candle………and oh my, it smells SO good! I’ll enjoy burning it this summer. And the other thing I got from my daughter, a new purse. I decided to show a picture so Stacy could see it! She hates changing purses out, with the seasons even! Me, I change purses almost as often as I change clothes! Maybe not quite that often but I kinda want it to go with what I have on you know……..we might have to find you a new purse next time we shop Stacy.

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  1. Dawn Says:

    i am so bad about purses. i barely even carry one! i usually grab my wallet & just carry that. and i have a bag i use for work that doubles as my purse. and when i am out in the parks or some other “event,” my camera case does double duty as my purse. i bet i take my actual purse about 25% of the time — when i am going to church or out & about on errands!

  2. Becky Says:

    Love it! I love switching purses…I have my three faves. One black, one red, and one brown & turquoise! Sounds like a wonderful Mother’s Day!

  3. Lynne Says:

    Sounds like you had a great day. And I love the purse! Now you need a matching wallet!

  4. Claire Says:

    “These are a few of my favorite things!” Sounds like you had a great mother’s day. I went home that weekend but didn’t get to do much b/c I had to study. I got my mom the new Barbara Streisand CD, her live farewell concert. Mama said she liked it.

  5. Judi Says:

    Very nice purse! I am like you, I change my purse constantly.

  6. Stacy (the other one) Says:

    CUTE!! I love that purse.

  7. Karen Says:

    I love this purse! This is something I would buy in a hearbeat. I like to change out purses too, especially something really fun for summer.

  8. CoachJ Says:

    where did she get the purse? i luv it…i must have one….and what church in Jackson did you attend? is that something you can tell me?

  9. JennaG Says:

    I love your new purse–what sweet children you have.
    I’ve heard of the soy candles, but I haven’t tried them–sounds wonderful.

  10. annie Says:

    Sounds fun & what a cute purse!
    Those gifts would all be winners… bath & body and candles and a purse! Very sweet!

  11. Stacy Says:

    Sounds like a good time! Glad everyone had a nice Mother’s Day. Which Italian place did you eat at? Did Margaret like her books? Who gave you this purse and where did they get it? My guess would be Kat on the purse, it’s cute. Yes, someone will have to pick me out one. Although I think I’m going to stick with my red one, red is a summer color! I’ve smelled soy candles but never bought one. Bet it smells great 🙂

    Love that song from The Sound of Music too 🙂

  12. Susanne Says:

    Great purse! Glad it was a great Mother’s Day. :v)

  13. Kim Says:

    Sounds like you all had a good time. I love the purse. I hope you are having a great week!

  14. Debi Says:

    Sounds like a wonderful day!

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