When we took our recent road trip with friends, one brought along a snack mix to eat that included almonds. We got to talking about nuts and the fact that they are good for you, heart healthy too. I think it should just be a little handful a day, like 7-10 almonds maybe. I’ve been pretty good this week to not eat anything sweet although I really want it! Nuts help you to feel full so I decided to make a mix like we had in the car. I’ll limit this to just a few a day, hopefully with more of the almonds/raisins than the M&M’s! Those are the 3 things I bought and mixed together in a bag. After I poured it out I decided it was too many M&M’s so I took almost half of them out and will save them for the next bag of almonds. The almonds are really good with the raisins & I’m gonna add some more raisins to this bag. I just got mine all done so I think I’ll try some this afternoon if I start craving something!

And like most anything else I buy that I hear is supposed to be good for you, they are rather expensive! Why is it that the healthy stuff costs so much but the bad food is always cheaper?

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  1. amy Says:

    Nice post..I have noticed that almonds do fill me up for a few hours but they are expensive

  2. Coach J Says:

    Good question….maybe that’s why I am a little overweight….I’m trying to pinch my pennies (now I can pinch myself!!) But I do like that mix! Sounds like a good snack to have on hand; I’ll have to make it up.
    Anyhoo…..I tagged you. Come see and play along if you want.

  3. Stacy Says:

    Yum! I’d have a hard time limiting myself to just a small portion every day. That’s my worst thing, portion control. Oh, and chocolate. Oh, and hot bread with butter. Oh, and well – everything! 🙂

  4. Lynne Says:

    I love nuts! (Probably because I am one!) You’re right – the things that are good for you are always more expensive. Ya can’t win!

  5. Lauren S. Says:

    That’s a great idea! My problem is portion control as well. If I eat one, I eat the whole bag!

  6. Debi Says:

    Mmmm…that looks so yummy! I always mix up “homemade” snack mixes for our car trips. The kids love it as much as I do. I have the same problem as Lauren though…one bite is never enough!

  7. Dawn P Says:

    ohhh yummy, but I would get the whole bag…hehe

  8. annie Says:

    I buy a big bag of raw almonds at sams and it is pretty economical. I keep them in the fridge and they last a while.
    That’s funny that we have so much in common! You are more than welcome to steal use them!

  9. Suzanne Says:

    I love almonds and that’s my favorite kind of trail mix. Though I don’t make my own. Trader Joe’s or Target is good!!

  10. JennaG Says:

    That sounds wonderful–my son really likes peanuts mixed with raisins–he would probably especially like some m&m’s mixed in there.

  11. Dianne Says:

    I love nuts and raisins together too! Yours looks yummy!

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