A few years ago I was lucky enough to get a new washer and dryer but not just any kind, the fancy front loading high efficiency kind! Overall I’ve been pretty pleased with it….it holds a lot, seems to wash way better than my old machine and uses less water I believe. Recently though the washer just quit working. I could push the start button but it only clicked and showed an error code. This machine happens to be a kenmore so I called sears right away but since I seem to live about 90 miles from nowhere, they told me it would be one week before the service tech could get here. ONE week with no clean clothes! Hubby called a local repairman, who came to check it out and he was pretty sure it needed a new microprocessor. He said if it was any other machine besides a kenmore he could work on them; I think sears has it rigged where you’re kind of stuck using their service! So I waited a week, the sears man came but he only reset the microprocessor and sold us an extended warranty. It washed exactly 2 loads and then went back to clicking again. Hubby called sears the next day but got the same routine, repairman was booked and it would be one week before he could come. Only now we’d be 2 weeks without any clean clothes! After being transferred around several times, asking to speak to numerous people in charge and then getting another number to call in Arkansas, we finally got someone to say they’d get the same repairman to come back. And then he said, “he has 4 service calls today and he’s on his 2nd one now.” That was at 10:30 in the morning….4 calls means booked solid for a week! I guess because it was a Friday they wanted to be through early! I am grateful that he was able to come back the day after supposedly fixing it the first time. And I’m very grateful the 2nd service call didn’t cost us but I’m really not liking sears service at the moment. I think I may have very well bought my last kenmore product! We know now the local guy can work on most any brand and next time I don’t want to wait a week for service. Maybe you’ve not had as much problem with sears as I’ve had…I’m sure where I live is most of the problem, but I think I’m done with them! I hope my machine works for a long time, then maybe I’ll replace it with another brand.
They do look kinda nifty and nice though!

My other ongoing annoyance with the washer; you’re supposed to use HE detergents in them only and that is getting increasingly harder and harder to find! Well, I can get tide but I don’t like that brand. If they are going to sell these machines, it looks like some store would sell the detergent to go in them!

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  1. annie Says:

    Matt’s sister has that washer too, and she is always looking for the right detergent and then buying tons of it! I like using it though… we stayed with her a few months when Izzy was in Dallas rehab.

  2. Lynne Says:

    Gail – I think all the detergents now are HE. They’re just not marked that way any more. They’re called Ultra Concentrated now.

    I would really like one of those machines. Dom was selling them at Home Depot and said they’re great. Unfortunately, my laundry room won’t hold one. Our plumbing is on the wrong side of the room (on the right of the dryer) and the new machines won’t fit. Drat!

  3. jen Says:

    A couple of my friends have them too and they have had some problems. I just went and got a normal Maytag and I’m very happy. I hope you find the detergent you are looking for and they dont mess up again.

  4. Stacy Says:

    We’ve had this discussion in person many times, so I won’t elaborate too much here, but you know I have to put my 2 cents in! I got my set after you got yours and were so happy with it. I had problems then with Sears and we swore we would never buy from them again. My new dishwasher and refrigerator are Whirlpool Gold and I really wish that I had gotten a Whirlpool Duet set of machines. Mine hasn’t exhibited this yet, but I don’t doubt that it will. I dread working with Sears. It’s not living 90 miles away, it’s Sears. I know we’ll have the same problem. We had a ton of trouble with the delivery of the new units, so I don’t doubt it will be an issue.

    I have the same problem with detergent. I’m running out of places to find them today. I broke down and bought one All F&C in a big Kroger last weekend but paid more than I wanted. I also bought a thing of Seventh Generation but haven’t used it yet. I’m going to the other Target today to get a couple of things, if I find some, want me to buy you one or two? It’s hard to get here, but you know that!

  5. Debi Says:

    Well, they sure do look pretty, but goodness, not worth the hassle. For whatever reason, we’ve just never thought to buy anything from Sears. Sounds like that’s been a lucky move!

  6. Lauren@Baseballs&Bows Says:

    So sorry for your hassle! It is definitely inconvenient to be without your washing machine. I hope you don’t have any more problems!

  7. Tammy Says:

    Wow, it’s good to know about this if we invest in a new washer in the near future! They do look nice and sleek…but not worth the hassle for sure!
    Unless the commenter Lynn is right and most of the detergents are HE now….? Anyway, hope your washing machine woes are almost through!

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