Yo mama, that’s who! Elizabeth came home over the Thanksgiving break; had lots of studying to do, visiting family, sleeping, laundry etc. One of the last things I think she washed was her Easter dress from this past spring. She put it in my machine on the hand wash setting Sunday afternoon and then fell promptly asleep. When she showed it to me Monday morning before she left, it had dark spots on it from where the dark color had bled over to the beige parts of the dress. Argh! I hate when that happens…. I’ve had it happen to me several times before, even if I did take the clothes out of the washer right away.

She intended to take it back with her but I told her I would try to get the dark spots off if she left it here. I’ve worked on it the better part of a day and I think it looks much better! I wished I’d taken a pic of it before but here it is hanging outside drying. Just imagine blackish spots all over the beige, yep, that’s how it looked.

And yes, that’s your cat Liz, eating, because contrary to what you think I DO feed him! (Just thought you’d like to see him) It might look like there’s still some black on it in a vertical line over on the left of it but that’s just sort of where the fold is and how it’s hanging because see, I took a close up for you Liz so you could kinda look at it! It looks better doesn’t it?

Ooh and look everybody….I found a shot of E wearing this dress last Easter. Doesn’t she look all purty!

So Liz, you thought you might not ever be able to wear this one again but I think you can now!
Who loves ya baby!

(update: forgot to say…..after soaking and hand washing several times, I finally decided to turn the dress wrong side out and separate it from the lining. pulled the lining one direction and the dress another and then soaked just the dress part for quite a while, rinsed it; then turned it around and put the lining in the sink for a while. I think that helped it the most, plus using some prewash spray in the sink too)

15 Responses to ““Who Loves Ya Baby!””

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    YAY!!! You fixed it. I really didn’t think that the spots would come out of it, but it looks normal again. I’m glad because I really like that dress. Thanks for washing it again for me! I’m glad I left it with you.

  2. Becky Says:

    That IS love. And lovely. Good job, Mom!!

  3. Claire Says:

    Mom’s are the best!!!

  4. kreed Says:

    What a great mom you are!

  5. Coach J Says:

    you are a great mom! 😉 i’m glad you knew where to start with fixing that dress. i would have cried and gone out and bought a new something.

  6. Eden Says:

    YOu’re a good mom!!!

  7. Karen Says:

    What an awesome mom! And she looks so pretty in that dress:)

  8. Robin Says:

    It looks great – I would never be able to tell anything had been wrong. Good work!

  9. Stacy Says:

    What a mom! I wish you had taken a before picture so we could have REALLY appreciated all of that hard work you described 🙂

    Great picture of Liz, but then again, she and Kat never take a bad photo. 🙂

  10. Lauren@Baseballs&Bows Says:

    Moms always seem to be able to fix those kinds of things! Great job!

  11. Judi Says:

    You are the best mom ever! I have missed you!

  12. Shawna Says:

    I love the dress. I’m so glad you fixed it. Elizabeth looks so good in it!

  13. jen Says:

    I love that dress! Mom’s always know how to get stains out….if I cant get a stain out of Madison or Miller’s clothes I take it to mama….she miraculously takes care of it…EVERYTIME!

  14. annie Says:

    I always take my “laundry challenges” to my mom! She hasn’t met a dirty garment she can’t handle (yet)!

    I sure miss the days that she ironed all my clothes, the lady irons her sheets!

  15. Debi Says:

    You most definitely are in the running for Mom of the Year award! (I doubt I even would have tried…no award for me.)

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