Haven’t been able to get to my blog for a few days now. My blog is tied in with the family website that my sister and her husband take care of, and their internet went out on them! Yikes for them. I at least had internet and email access and they didn’t have anything, no phone service either. They have been working on it for many hours a day trying to get it all back in order. I’ve been at home going back and forth to the computer room checking to see if they were back on…….today I rode with hubby to his golf lesson and visited with young son at school for a bit. Low and behold, almost as soon as I leave home it all comes back on! I’m more happy for them that they have their access back. I’m gonna go read and climb in bed and maybe be back tomorrow with a real post!

5 Responses to “A Watched Pot Never Boils”

  1. Tammy Says:

    Hey Gail…I clicked on your site yesterday to find it down…now I know why! Glad you all are up and running again!

  2. Debi Says:

    Sooooo glad you guys are back!!!!

  3. Dawn Says:

    yay! glad you two are back! =) thanks for letting me know where you & Stacy were when you commented yesterday.

  4. Stacy Says:

    I’m sorry we were down and you couldn’t blog or get on the main site. At least this time, it wasn’t us, it was all the ISP. Let’s hope this is the last thing for a long time. We’ve had a lot of junk happening lately on the electronic front 🙂

    Glad you guys got to come down and visit! Come back soon 🙂

  5. JennaG Says:

    Yes, we missed you!

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