Recently several people have told me that Lifetime would be showing movies on Monday nights that were made from Nora Roberts books, Stacy was one of those people. I think another one was my SIL’s grandmother….the cutest, prettiest, spunkiest little church going Southern lady. When I went to Charlotte to see my daughter a few weeks ago, Jeremy’s grandmother was there. Her name is Jane, she lost her husband in September and it’s been hard on her. She is very personable and I have always really enjoyed her and we had a great visit while I was there. I think she might be in her 70’s or late 70’s, not sure, but you’d never know it because she acts & seems so young. We got to talking about books and reading and she told me about these movies being shown on Lifetime and I think she’s read Nora Roberts before. I have only read one book by her, Montana Sky. I took it on vacation this summer and finished it off pretty quick! It will be one of the movies but I hadn’t read the other three books, so after talking to Jane, I decided I’d read the others and watch all of them. I just finished Angels Fall yesterday! It has more bad language and some steamy scenes in it than I usually like to read but it was quite a book! I was surprised this summer when I read Montana Sky to find that it had some murder mystery to it….just didn’t know what to expect from her stuff I think. It had me guessing right up til the very end. This time I was able to correctly guess from the beginning who I thought the guilty party was! I’m not sure the show will be as good as the book, not sure I can see Heather Locklear playing the main character either. And the main guy? From what I’ve seen on the website, I’m not sure they found someone as “hunky” as I think the character was written!
Tonight is 24 night for us so I’ll have to tape the movie on Lifetime. In case any of you read Nora Roberts books you might want to check these movies out; they should be tonight and the next 3 Mondays. I don’t have Tivo so I’m not up-to-date with that but my VCR will be going. Maybe I’ll be able to watch it tomorrow!

Updated: I watched the tape and I’m thinking it was only so-so, not too great but don’t know if that’s just me. I don’t usually watch this station a lot, and sometimes I think their movies are a little cheesy. It just didn’t seem to develop the characters or story much I thought.

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  1. jen Says:

    I love spunky ole ladies….I hope I’m that way at 70.

  2. Stacy Says:

    I’m so glad you finished this one before the movie. I wish I had been able to get them at my library and try to read some of them before the movies come out, but they are all checked out. I didn’t check Montana Sky, of course, since you so kindly loaned me yours last year 🙂

    I am also taping the movie tonight and hope to get a chance to watch it this week. Don’t tell me anything until I’ve had a chance to see it! 🙂

  3. Lynne Says:


    I’ve read a lot of different authors, but for some reason have never read Nora Roberts. She also writes under another name which for the life of me I can’t remember now. It has initials instead of a first name. Darn these senior moments!

  4. Lynne Says:

    I remember the name – J. D. Robb! The ones I saw on Amazon.com all have death in the title. I’m guessing they’re all mysteries. I might have to try one someday.

  5. Nancy Carson Says:

    What a neat lady… I hope I am spunky at 70. Thanks for letting me know about the movie. I have read some of her books.

  6. Susanne Says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever read a Nora Roberts novel.

  7. pamela Says:

    I love Nora Roberts and Montana Sky was one of my favorite books! How that father played with those girls emotions. Love that Grandma is so young at heart! That’s wonderful! It is so hard when you lose someone so close to her heart, hope she gets through it okay.

    It is times like these, that I wish we had cable! lol We live in Florida and had two TV’s hit by lightning through the cable cord so we gave it up! The neighbors were hit five times! It’s terrible, but true! 🙂

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