Yesterday was not a good day at all……too much to do, major glitch with my Christmas cards, cranky people, etc. Today looks like it’s going to be better, YAY! I think I have the card problem resolved after spending way too much time on it; I’m almost through with a “dress up” play dress I’m making for AC; and I’m getting a little help with some of the things that need to be done.
Last week I discovered on hubby’s truck XM radio that there were several channels playing some really good Christmas music and I’ve been wishing I had it in my car! But this morning I remembered that I can get logged onto XM on the computer so now I’m playing fun music while sewing or working on the computer. Sometimes just a little thing makes me feel so much better. If I go back in a few hours and pick up my cards and they are like I want, I will feel like I’ve crossed a major hurdle!
The sun isn’t out today; it’s cloudy and overcast but “when I’m stuck with a day that’s gray and lonely”………

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  1. Stacy Says:

    Yeah, glad you got the card dilemma solved. Hope they come out like you want today and that you’ll feel better. It’s dreary and damp here, but I think the sun is supposed to peak out this afternoon. Still muddy though, which is bad news for every time Beau wants to go out and hunt squirrels 🙂

    Glad you got the XM playing on your computer, fun! I am going to watch some Christmas movies this afternoon and try to get a bunch of wrapping done. I always feel better when I get things accomplished this time of year!


  2. deb Says:

    XM radio sounds so intriguing! I keep hearing people talk about it but I’ve never really looked into it. Maybe after Christmas… lol!

    I do hope the rest of your day is a good one!

  3. Claire Says:

    “…bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow, there’ll be sun!” I’m thinking about tomorrow, too! 3 pm I’m free for 2 weeks! I’m going to see the ballet magnificat performance with a friend and am really looking forward to it. I’m also looking forward to my Christmas baking. I’m ready!!!! Okay, back to H. pylori studies. 😉

  4. Gail Says:

    I knew Claire would probably know this song! My girls would have too but, alas, they don’t read my blog!

  5. Barb Says:

    You know what? I did exactly the same thing. I’ve got about twenty Christmas music CD’s and I played Christmas music all day. It really really helps.

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