Don and I went to see a new movie this weekend, “Walk the Line”……the movie about Johnny Cash. We have had quite a bit written about it in the paper here and in several other publications we get in the mail. I read that his children from his first marriage, 4 girls, weren’t too happy about the movie and maybe about the way their mother was portrayed. One of his daughters lives in Canton, which I did not know and it was interesting to read about her and her life. I believe his only child with June Carter, a son, was an executive producer on this film. Anyway, I wanted to see it after reading so much about it and we pretty much enjoyed it. I thought that Joaquin Phoenix and especially Reese Witherspoon did a very good job with their performances and singing, did all the singing and playing themselves. I never knew much about Johnny Cash until maybe his later years in life. This movie dealt more with his early years, from when he was a child until he married June Carter in 1968. It is the same story that you see in most every movie or film about musicians; a rise and fall story, born poor, succeeds, then slides into the drug-induced excesses of the road. It is sad to me that so many of them seem to be that way. And sad that an event in his childhood marked and shaped him for so long, but Don said that is not unusual for any of us in life! I think the movie was at its best when Johnny and June were on the stage singing; I thought they were wonderful and the movie will certainly get some nominations or awards. I was sorry that more wasn’t given to the part that his spiritual life played in his recovery, that was a major part of his life and there was only one brief scene that alluded to it. But I was glad that we went to see it at the theater……so many more are coming out this holiday season that I want to see also!

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  1. Elizabeth Says:

    i don’t really like johnny cash, but i think joaquin phoenix is a good actor so i want to see it.

  2. Gail Says:

    Same here, I was never really much of a Johnny Cash person either, although there are some of his songs I like; but I think you will enjoy this and might even like a little of the music too! And Phoenix does a great job.

  3. Suzanne Says:

    His daughter lives in Canton!?
    What is her name? what does she do??

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