Thirteen Things I Packed But Didn’t Use/Need

We went to Callaway Gardens for a long weekend with my sis and BIL, took too many things that I didn’t use!

1. IPod
2. Hat
3. Hairdryer….there was one in the room.
4. Nail polish….didn’t get around to it.
5. Small flashlight….usually take it & usually don’t need it!
6. Exercise clothes…walked around a lot but didn’t go to fitness center.
7. Pedometer (same as above)
8. Pillow
9. Extra tops & capri pants
10. Bracelets
11. Extra book to read…..can never have too many books though.
12. Small cooler for the car
13. Car charger for cell phone….just used wall charger.

I think when we travelled with all 4 kids we packed more efficiently. But now if we drive and it’s just 2 of us, I seem to throw in a lot of extra stuff, just in case!

17 Responses to “Thursday Thirteen….#13”

  1. Cindy Swanson Says:

    Despite my best efforts, I always seem to over-pack! Oh well, I guess it’s better to be over-prepared and under-prepared.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  2. mominprogress Says:

    Great T13:) I always pack too much stuff, even more so when the kids are with us.

  3. InterstellarLass Says:

    I’m guilty of packing too much stuff too. But I always use my own hair dryer. My hair dryer dries better than any other hair dryer.

    My TT is up!

  4. carmen Says:

    you didn’t use your ipod? Now that’s just wrong. 🙂

  5. Karen Says:

    HA! Carmen’s comment was funny. You didn’t even use the pillow?? Having a pillow from home, well, there’s just nothing like it. I hope you had a great time at Callaway. We are headed there in a few weekends.
    My TT is up!

  6. Barbara Says:

    Hahahaha. Great list. I may have one of these in a couple of weeks!

    Thanks for stopping by my TT

  7. ali Says:

    i’m a terrible overpacker. but, seriously, it’s so much better to bring things and not use them than to forget things that you’d need, right??!!

    great list. happy tt.

  8. Cindi Says:

    Being a Mom means we will forever be “Just In Case” packers. But I might need this, and I might need that, and we could use this if…. Yeah that’s exactly how I pack too. Though I usually typically have my kidlets with me, oh so rarely is it just me and the hubby.

    My TT is up

  9. Karla Says:

    Better safe than sorry is my motto. 🙂 And yes, one can never have too many books to read. You never know what you might be in the mood for, so you have to be prepared with lots of books. 🙂
    Thanks for stopping by to check out my TT today. 🙂

  10. KarenW Says:

    I always pack too much! Even with three kids, or should I say, especially with three kids!

  11. Jane Says:

    I hear you. I have gotten a lot better but I always come home with something I could have done without.
    I see you are reading “Confessions of a Shopaholic”. I loved that book. The series is very entertaining.
    Thanks for coming by to visit me today, I hope you will come back.

  12. amy Says:

    We are about to go on vacation, and i am sure this is going to happen to us

  13. Brony Says:

    Better to have it and not use it than to not have it and need it.
    Hope the trip was fun.
    Happy TT. Mine is up.

  14. Barbara H. Says:

    I always take too much stuff, too. 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by my place!

  15. YellowRose Says:

    I always overpack! But I prefer to be safe than sorry! 😉

    Happy Thursday!

  16. Jenny Says:

    nice list. i never pack right for trips. so odds on me bringing stuff i wont use or have no use for are slim to none. 😀 but happy T13!!

  17. Stacy Says:

    Great T13! I had a lot of things that I packed and took as well, and didn’t use. I did use my iPod though, in the car while we were driving to Savannah 🙂 I took a pillow, but just for the car. I have this thing about germs and bed bugs and stuff (from a report I saw on Dateline or 20/20 or something), and I hate to take my linens into hotel rooms now.

    Glad you guys got to come with us, we had fun!

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