SPF ASSIGNMENT from Kristine:

1. A wide open space
2. Brightness
3. In the dark

My pictures are on the extended page:

1. A wide open space: the beach at sunrise

2. Brightness: bright blue sky and water

3. In the dark: Epcot at dark

14 Responses to “Stuff Portrait Fridays”

  1. Teena Says:

    Luv the brightness shot … I wanna be there!!!

    Thanks for stopping by mine 🙂

    I played too …

  2. Hemlock Says:

    Very nice ‘open’ shot. I think the seagull is perfectly placed. Good work. 😉

    Thanks for dropping by.

  3. di Says:

    Great pics…I love the beach picture!

  4. delaine Says:

    Your first two photos are awesome but I’m partial to the beach and the serenity of the blue sky.

    Just lovely.

    I played.

  5. Charlotte in Pa Says:

    Beautiful shots! This is my 3rd Disney photo of the day… they make me so happy! You did a great job in capturing the words. Great SPF!

  6. Irish Church Lady Says:

    Can’t decide which is my fav – either #1 or 2. Happy SPF!

  7. southernfriedgirl Says:

    I love picture #2. Love it.

    I played.

  8. OddMix Says:

    Those are some lovely shots. I particularly like the wide open spaces.

    I played too.

  9. Charmed1 Says:

    OMG! Those are awesome pictures! I love the beach early in the morning before anyone else has been out there.

    Great SPF! I played!

  10. Nicole Says:

    WOW. I personally LOVE the beach so to me the first picture is just amazing!! How did you bribe the seagull to stand there? 🙂 Heehee! The others were great too! Thanks for coming by! Happy SPF!!!

  11. Suzanne R Says:

    Love your SPF! I am crazy about the coast — I go there any chance I get. Thanks for stopping by mine!

  12. Caroline Says:

    Love all your photos. Happy SPF!

  13. Tammy Says:

    That brightness pic is awesome!!

  14. Dawn Says:

    your bright photo is amazing! and you know that i am partial to all photos WDW. 😉 nice job!

    i am just trying to catch up on last week’s SPF before all the new ones get posted tomorrow. i was away last weekend…

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