I seem to be going long between posts now and I’m not sure what all I’ve been doing with my time! We did have a gathering at my house recently so I spent some time getting ready for that plus a few other tasks that needed to be taken care of. And spring teased us with some warmer weather and gorgeous days for a week maybe. It was nice enough to be outside and do yard work, that is if you like to do yardwork! I don’t love it but tried to get a bit done. It was in the 80’s one day here and then back to the 40’s yesterday. It drizzled most of yesterday and apparently we are in for more rain over the next few days; I’m so not a fan of the rain! No working in the flower beds now, too chilly and damp. This kind of weather makes me want to stay inside and do nothing, or read, or catch up on my dvr’d stuff……and it also makes me do stuff like this:

I found a recipe we like for the bread machine. There would be a piece missing from the end there because HELLO, warm bread + end piece + butter = one of my favorite things! This is also good warmed up in the morning with cinnamon sugar on it but I’m not saying that I tried that or anything.

I’m off to see if I can squeeze some errands in before more rain comes, plus I’ve got sewing to do. I’ll take some pictures if it turns out ok.
Enjoy your Thursday!

9 Responses to ““I can’t stand the rain, against my window…””

  1. becky Says:

    I am so glad to hear you are enjoying your bread machine. I agree that the end piece hot from the oven with butter dripping all over your fingers is the best treat of all. I’d rather have that than M and Ms 🙂

  2. Lauren@Baseballs&Bows Says:

    The bread looks yummy! We enjoyed the warmer weather so much, and now I am trying to tolerate the freezing rain. I don’t like rain, but I especially don’t like cold rain!

  3. Vader's Mom Says:

    That bread looks delish!!! You can almost smell it through the screen.

    Sorry you got our yucky weather…

  4. annie Says:

    ~I love warm bread with butter. yum! I’ve been such a bad blogger lately. I also just remembered I don’t have a bread machine anymore! It was knocked off while cleaning by someone while I wasn’t home and it died. 🙁 Maybe I need another?

  5. Sonya Says:

    You had me at warm bread……

  6. Susanne Says:

    This is the second place this morning that mentioned bread machines and warm bread and butter. I need to seriously think about investing in one of these fabulous appliances.

  7. Sandra Says:

    There’s nothing like homemade bread is there?

  8. Tammy Says:

    Your title caught my eye because that’s how I woke up this morning…with rain beating against the window! We’re having a bit of a windy rain storm this weekend!

    And I really need to dust off my bread machine and use it again! 🙂

  9. Stacy Says:

    That bread looks good! Is the recipe on hambones? If not, would you send it to me please? I have been wanting to make some bread.

    I was sick while it was raining so much, so it didn’t bother me at all. No sun was a blessing most days. I’m enjoying the sunshine now, though 🙂

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