but it rings and I rise

Last week was vacation bible school for me and I think I’m just about to recuperate! It’s always fun but I’m usually tired by the end of the week. Most days I might get up around sixish but I don’t have to get out somewhere every morning. This year I might have been a bit more tired because I had a visitor with me……Katelyn came up to see me and attend bible school with me!

I put a mattress by my bed and let her sleep there. She would pop up around six every morning and say, “it’s morning deedee, I wake up”. It sorta still seemed like night time to me! Wish I woke up with that much energy.
Katelyn had a good class and she really enjoyed being there to play and sing. She’s also been in the mood to wear dresses all the time so I put one on her most days, nothing cuter than little girls in dresses!

We also found things to do in the afternoon…..the little pool some and a neighbor’s pool helped beat the heat.
And then there’s always the cat she can torture play with!

It was a fun week.
This week I decided I might actually need to get out at six in the morning to do my walking! It has been hotter than heck and by 8 or 9 when I get through, I’m drenched and red faced. So far I haven’t tried it earlier but it sounds better every day.

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  1. becky Says:

    Just look how beautiful she is! Growing up so lovely. I am glad you both had fun at Bible School.

    I saw Ava Clair’s “graduation” further down too. And that handsome boy getting so big. Everyone looks great!! you too!!

  2. Robinznest Says:

    I agree with little girls in pretty dresses! I especially love the blue dress – what a pretty little lady! Your Ava Clair is growing so fast – so is mine!
    Get some rest from VBS – good for you for being involved.

  3. Stacy Says:

    Cute, cute, cute pictures!
    I knew she would have a blast, and you too! I’m glad she got to come and keep you company and go to Bible school. Love all the photos of her, gosh, she looks like her mom in so many of these 🙂 Poor Arthur, I bet he is resting easier now, LOL!

  4. Susanne Says:

    She is a doll! So cute in all her little dresses. I love the picture of her “holding” the cat. LOL.

  5. kim Says:

    Okay, that little girl is so adorable and I bet you just love her to death! We just found out on Thursday that my daughter is going to be having a little girl, (in November) and I am so over the moon about it! I went out yesterday and purchased some adorable little feminine items at a children’s consignment shop and was in heaven looking at all that pink, ruffles, pleats and lace! 😉

    Hope you are having a glorious 4th today.


  6. jen Says:

    she looks so grown up in that blue dress…so elegant looking. We did Boomerang Express as well….you should have seen me doing the dance…I always love VBS week…such a great week.

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